Formula 1 debutant Mazepin wants to prove himself on the track

Russian driver Nikita Mazepin knows that he has to prove himself extra as a newcomer in Formula 1. The 22-year-old Russian will drive for Haas, the American racing stable that presented a company with Uralkali as main sponsor of which Mazepin’s father is one of the owners on Thursday. Mazepin does not care that he is mainly seen as the driver who made it to Formula 1 thanks to his father’s money.

“I am proud of my father and proud of my family. It is a challenge to prove myself in Formula 1 and I will do that,” said Mazepin at the presentation of the new Haas car, which will show the colors of the car. Russian flag bears.

The Russian is seen as a ‘bad boy’. He was already regularly involved in incidents on the track and hit another driver in the face a few years ago. It even resulted in a suspension. Late last year, shortly after being presented as a driver for 2021 by Haas, Mazepin was again discredited when a video surfaced on social media showing him touching a woman in a car. Haas, Formula 1 and the international motorsport federation FIA intervened in that case.

“I made a big mistake, I’m not proud of that,” Mazepin said on Thursday. “I took my responsibility for that. I have learned from it and look forward to a great year.” Mazepin, who apologized for the video, emphasized that he had not put the video online himself. He promised that there would be no problems on the track. “I have taken the time to study the rules. I know where the limit is.”


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