Formula 1: Does Ineos pay part of Hamilton’s salary?

Does Ineos pay part of Hamilton’s salary?

Lewis Hamilton has still not renewed his contract with Mercedes. That could be the reason – and a solution.

E.r has clinched seven world titles, 95 race victories and was on pole position 98 times. Lewis Hamilton (35) leads most of the rankings in Formula 1, is the superstar of the scene and still has no contract for 2021.
According to Formula 1 expert Mark Webber, this is related to the planned Formula 1 budget cap, which also includes a salary restriction for Formula 1 drivers.

Background: The teams agreed on gradual savings. In 2021 they want to spend only $ 145 million a year, in 2022 $ 140 million and finally $ 135 million in 2023.

In 2023, an upper salary limit for drivers will also apply. The teams should then be allowed to spend a maximum of 30 million dollars for both drivers together. Until then, it is up to them how much salary and bonuses they pay their pilots. Contracts that have already been concluded remain unaffected by the regulation.

According to eight-time GP winner Webber, this is the reason that Hamilton does not yet have a contract for the next season.

Lewis Hamilton has still not renewed his contract with Mercedes

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“I think that Lewis will sign a last big three-year contract and really want to cash in again,” suspects the Australian on the podcast “At the Controls”. Webber: “Even if team boss Toto Wolff and Lewis Hamilton get along brilliantly. The planned salary cuts could be an issue. “

Hamilton criticizes salary cap

It fits: Hamilton has already made his displeasure about the cuts clear. But he is referring to the stars of the future. “Personally, I don’t mind,” says the Briton, but points out: “I don’t see why the future superstars, who can bring so much to the sport, will be handicapped as a result. It’s a sport that is worth billions and the pilots should be rewarded for what they contribute to the image. “

Hamilton’s luck now could be Sir Jim Ratcliffe. The 18 billion dollar compatriot of the record champion has just acquired a third of the Mercedes team with his chemical company Ineos and will thus determine the future of the world championship team.

Is Ineos paying Hamilton’s salary?

He makes no secret of wanting to keep Hamilton. “Lewis is definitely one of the three greatest drivers of all time. Despite his 35 years of age, he is still at the top of his sport and I see no signs why that should change. “

The course now seems set for a contract extension. It can be assumed that Ineos will take over a large part of the 40 million euro salary allegedly demanded by Hamilton. That would also be in the interests of the Mercedes leadership.


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