Formula 1: engine freezing? Red Bull optimistic again

Red Bull optimistic again

In an interview with ABMS, Red Bull Motorsport Director Helmut Marko is optimistic about the development stop and the freezing of the engines.

D.he Styria is currently presenting itself in an idyllic winter landscape. There is a lot of snow, the sun is shining, people are drawn to nature. Red Bull motorsport consultant Helmut Marko (77) also uses the wonderful weather to go to his beloved forest at the gates of Graz. He examines his trees there, and also makes sure that everything is in order. He also lends a hand if need be.

“For me,” the law doctor exults, “a visit to the forest is like fitness training. Operating a chainsaw is a very physical affair. And since the terrain is very hilly and sometimes very steep, my expeditions into the countryside have more to do with mountaineering than hiking. “

The next date for the engine to freeze is set

Alone: ​​Marko’s good mood is not only due to the friendly weather conditions. It is finally going in the right direction when it comes to the freezing of engines from 2022. Background: Because Honda is leaving Formula 1 at the end of the year, Red Bull wants to use the drive units on its own. That will only work if the engines are frozen from 2022. There is no capacity for further development.

Red Bull needs an engine decision

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AUTO BILD MOTORSPORT learned that on February 21, the World Council of the FIA ​​will finally vote. And it just seems to be a matter of form. Marko: “We need six of the ten votes from the teams, so only a simple majority. I am assuming that, in addition to Red Bull and Toro Rosso, the three Ferrari teams Ferrari, Alfa Romeo and Haas as well as Renault will agree. “

The reason why the four named competing teams hesitated to say yes at the last motor summit was based on legal formulations that have now been adjusted, according to Marko.

Important: This would mean that the shaky candidate Mercedes with its three customer teams Aston Martin, McLaren and Williams would no longer have the opportunity to block the rule change, which is so important for Red Bull. The FIA ​​itself, marketers Liberty and the promoters have already sent positive signals in advance.

Freezing would be good for Formula 1 as a whole

For Red Bull, the decision would be a win in every respect before the season. Because: The long-term future of the Austrians’ Formula 1 commitment is not only secured because the prerequisite would be created to be able to use the Honda engine independently for at least three years.

Even more: The future in the automobile premier class, which has got into difficulties due to the corona pandemic, suddenly appears pink – not only for the innovative beverage company. Because the ban on further development of the ultra-complicated high-tech hybrid engines not only saves the current manufacturers and teams a few million – it also clears the way for future manufacturers such as BMW, Porsche or even Peugeot.

Because in addition to the manageable costs, the risk of risking too great a knowledge disadvantage, especially compared to the industry leader Mercedes, has been drastically reduced. Constructing an up-to-date drive is not the big problem if you buy the relevant knowledge (i.e. engineers) from the competition – that’s what you hear in the scene. Following the pace of development is the real challenge.

In addition, it must be guaranteed that no manufacturer freezes an elementary disadvantage. Red Bull team boss Christian Horner said as early as 2020: Formula 1 has to be careful, because no manufacturer wants to be at a disadvantage at the time of the freeze and drag it around with them for years. “There has to be a mechanism to correct it if a manufacturer didn’t quite get it.”
The engine freezing to be expected is therefore one of the reasons why the new Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali (formerly in management positions at Ferrari, Audi and Lamborghini) is suddenly optimistic that new automobile manufacturers are reporting interest in the premier class.
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