Formula 1: F1 boss wants VW entry

With the world title for Red Bull star Max Verstappen (24) in the last meters of the season, the Formula 1 year 2021 ended spectacularly. But even 2022 could be exciting from a German perspective.
Mick Schumacher (22) wants to score points in the improved Haas Ferrari. Sebastian Vettel (34) has the podium in his sights in the Aston Martin. But the more distant future has long been screwed up – and a major German corporation is set to play a major role in this.

Background: In 2026 there will be new drive regulations designed to lure the Volkswagen Group into the premier class. The cornerstones were already approved by the FIA ​​World Council in December 2021.

The new engine should be more sustainable, but remain similarly powerful (around 1000 hp). Specifically, the output of the hybrid system will almost triple from 120 to 350 kW (475 PS) in the future. The electric motor thus delivers around half of the total output. Even more: the fuel should be “100 percent sustainable” from 2026 onwards. So that means: biofuels or e-fuels will find their way into the premier class. In addition to more standardized parts, both were a prerequisite for the Wolfsburg-based company to think about a Formula 1 commitment from 2026. Further details are to be clarified in January 2022.

Formula 1 boss Stefano Domenicali.

Formula 1 boss Stefano Domenicali verbally rolls out the red carpet for the German flagship company at the beginning of the year. In an interview with ABMS he confirms: “I think that an important month is ahead of us with regard to the decision of the Volkswagen Group. It would be great to get started, but I can’t speak on behalf of VW. I’ve been part of this incredible group for a couple of years and I know how hard they are working on the future. ”

The Italian knows what he is talking about. First, after leaving Ferrari team boss in 2014, he was supposed to set up a Formula 1 feasibility study for Audi. He was then President and Managing Director of the Audi subsidiary Lamborghini. Domenicali has been in charge of the premier class since the beginning of 2020 – and is working on bringing more manufacturers into series production with a hybrid concept and CO2-neutral fuel.
Volkswagen will be relying heavily on pure electric mobility in the future. But Domenicali also sees Formula 1 as an opportunity for the group to advance the development of more efficient and sustainable hybrid engines. “Our sustainable gasoline, which we want to use in parallel with new hybrid engines with a higher proportion of electric power, can open up a second path for them (VW; d. Red.) In addition to electromobility,” he says, adding: “And that doesn’t apply to them Volkswagen Group, but for every automobile manufacturer. ”

But currently the Formula 1 CEO has the German mega-corporation in his sights, emphasizing: “With regard to Volkswagen, I hope that you will soon make a decision. It was great that they were involved in developing the new propulsion rules. Now it’s up to you to take the last step. “

Audi was last brought into a relationship with McLaren, Porsche with Red Bull. It remains exciting in the future thriller of Formula 1.

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