Formula 1: Ferrari protest in Monaco: Red Bull loses the victory?

Will Sergio Perez belatedly lose his Monaco GP win? Ferrari officially protested against the Mexican and teammate Max Verstappen after the end of the race. Reason: Both Red Bull drivers are said to have crossed the line at the pit exit after their tire stops.
In the event of a penalty, both Ferrari drivers can hope to move ahead of the Red Bull because of the close race result: Perez won the race just 1.1 seconds ahead of Carlos Sainz and 1.4 ahead of Max Verstappen. Charles Leclerc is fourth, just 2.9 seconds behind.

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The Perez incident was already noted by the race management during the race, but in the case of Verstappen there was no news. The onboard recordings of the Dutchman in particular suggest that the world champion slipped over the boundary line on the still wet track.

After crossing the finish line, team boss Christian Horner explained: “We looked at the scene and are satisfied with the pictures that we have. We don’t think that our drivers are guilty of anything.” In addition, there was “no” discussion with the FIA ​​about the matter.

Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto sees an offense by Red Bull

Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto sees a need for this: “We are disappointed because we think it was a clear breach of the rules that both Red Bulls crossed the yellow line at the pit exit,” explains the Italian. “It wasn’t close either. He (Verstappen; ed.) was on the line and the Sporting Code says ‘overrun’ (the line; ed.).”

Binotto continues: “There was a clarification in Turkey 2020 to avoid any discussions. If you look at the specifications of the race director, it says that you have to stay on the right side. So driving on the line is a Violation of this. All teams must comply, so we await clarification from the FIA.”

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Managers of both teams were summoned to the stewards (Gary Connelly, Andrew Mallalieu, Jean-Francois Calmes and Derek Warwick) after the end of the race, a decision should be made later in the evening. It is clear that the Scuderia at the green table senses the possibility of converting a race Sunday that was messed up, mainly due to their own mistakes in the pits, into a win and reducing Leclerc’s nine-point deficit to Verstappen in the World Cup.

Perez makes a three-way fight from the World Cup

In any case, the Dutchman’s mission to defend his title after Monaco will be much more uncomfortable, because he can no longer expect support from team-mate Perez in the future: If Perez is allowed to keep his victory, he will turn the World Cup duel into a three-way battle.

Team boss Horner confirmed after the Monaco GP: “Checo is just as much in the fight for the title as Max. His deficit is only 15 points, that’s nothing. And the World Championship is still a long way off.” At the last race in Barcelona, ​​Perez had already clearly defended himself against number two status on the radio and now impressively underpinned this with his first win of the season, the third of his career after Sakhir 2020 and Baku 2021.

Over, on or in? Max Verstappen and the yellow line

The 32-year-old is correspondingly emotional after crossing the finish line: “It’s a dream that comes true. In addition to your home race, this is the Grand Prix that you absolutely want to win,” explains Perez, crushing his breath on the podium in the royal box or other tear.

With three victories, the proud Mexican is now also the most successful Formula 1 driver in his country, celebrating this with the Mexican flag on the slow-down lap: “Now I have one more win than Pedro Rodriguez. I drove with his helmet colors today and I I’m sure he’s very proud of me up there.” But now Perez needs a little help from above for the investigation at the stewards…

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