Formula 1: Ferrari questions Red Bull’s budget

Ferrari has been waiting for the world title since 2008. That’s almost 14 years of red dry spells. But since Sunday evening in Spa at the latest, it has been clear: This year, too, the world championship will not come to fruition. After sixth place at the Belgian GP, ​​top star Charles Leclerc is already 98 points behind the flying Dutchman Max Verstappen. But not only that: After Hungary, the Red Bull was also clearly faster than the Scuderia racing cars in Spa.

The managers of the traditional team in Maranello also admit this. Alone: ​​There is a lack of belief that with the incredible dominance of Verstappen and Co. everything can go right.

In particular, the rumor that Red Bull is working on another lightweight chassis raised eyebrows with race director Mattia Binotto in his press round after the race. “We couldn’t afford to develop a lighter chassis – or any other chassis – during the season because the budget doesn’t allow it. I would be very surprised if that were possible for other teams.”

As a reminder: 2022 has a budget limit of 140 million US dollars. This applies to all teams. Ergo, Ferrari’s competition should also have deficits in the further development of the car. Not so Red Bull. The team of energy drink billionaire Dietrich Mateschitz develops its RB18 weekly.

Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto

Binotto is therefore urging the FIA ​​to take a closer look, especially since Red Bull has two teams, Red Bull Racing and AlphaTauri. “You have to ask yourself whether the monitoring is sufficient. Unfortunately, few people keep an eye on it at the FIA. That needs to get better for the future. It would be really bad if the championship was decided by the financial rules.”

One thing is certain: Ferrari could not save the small superiority at the beginning of the season in the summer. In Spa, Charles Leclerc couldn’t even beat Max Verstappen’s fastest lap with soft tires and an empty tank at the end of the race. “There was a real difference in performance between us and Red Bull,” admits Binotto. What worries him: “Our deficit, albeit not that significant, was already noticeable in Hungary – on a completely different track that requires a lot of downforce.” His conclusion: “The Red Bull is simply a faster car.”

Because it works more efficiently. Binotto explained. “What worries me the most is that they drove with less downforce and were still able to set strong times in the middle sector, where you need downforce.” The solution may lie in the ground clearance. It had to be increased in Spa, among other things, because of the compression in Eau Rouge. Red Bull was apparently the least affected. It is fitting that the Verstappen team has so far been the least affected by the bouncing problem.

Nevertheless, the Scuderia does not want to give up: “Everything that we learn about our weaknesses this year will also help us with the car for next year,” says the team boss. Fans have been hearing such perseverance slogans since 2009.

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