Formula 1: Ferrari SF21 New Ferrari with green accents

New Ferrari with green accents

Ferrari was the last team to present its Formula 1 racing car for 2021. With the SF21, the focus is entirely on the new engine.

NA new era begins in 2021, and not just for Sebastian Vettel. The Post-Vettel era will also start for Ferrari in 2021. After the worst season in 40 years, the new Ferrari SF21 should lead the oldest and most successful Formula 1 team out of the crisis.

The new era is underlined with a new look for the SF21: The sponsorship areas of Mission Winnow are green, the rear section in the same burgundy red that the first Ferrari 125 S was painted in – and last year’s SF1000 at the 1000th World Championship race from Ferrari in Mugello.

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Like many teams, Ferrari has also developed a new nose. Exciting: four wings on each side of the nasal hump at the transition to the cockpit. Ferrari has also designed a new front wing to match the new nose design.

The Scuderia has put the two tokens for mechanical changes in a slimmer rear. Various innovations can be found aerodynamically – such as more sophisticated barge boards (lateral air guiding elements).

Chassis boss Enrico Cardile explains the changes: “We decided on the rear of the tokens, and we designed a new gearbox and a new suspension design. All of this and the changes made by our colleagues in the engine department have resulted in a much slimmer rear end. “
Ferrari President John Elkann makes it clear: “A great past does not guarantee a great future. We compete in Formula 1 with humility. We are dissatisfied with the latest results in the premier class. Now we are working modestly and with great dedication to turn things around for the better. “

What are these things? “The most important thing in the coming season is: We want to show how determined we are to win races again. We want to show dedication and commitment. It’s about the details, because they make a big difference, ”says Elkann.

The focus is on the engine

The biggest but invisible innovation will be the engine. In 2020 the Ferrari drivers and the drivers from the customer teams were just panting afterwards with a deficit of around 50 hp.

New Ferrari with green accents

The new Ferrari SF21

© Ferrari

When it comes to the new drive, there is talk of an innovative “Superfast” cylinder head, which the team around engine manager Enrico Gualtieri actually only wanted to bring in 2022. The new, super-fast cylinder head is designed to bring the pressure in the combustion chambers closer to the 500 bar permitted by the regulations. In addition, a newly designed piston crown (still made of steel), an improved camshaft and new materials should further increase performance.

The modifications to the combustion engine are supplemented by a smaller turbine, which enables better recuperation of exhaust gas energy and is intended to make the use of the hybrid system (163 additional horsepower for 33 seconds per lap) more efficient.

“I think we’ll be competitive again with the engine,” confirms Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto. “We won’t have the worst engine in the GP field – at least that’s what I get when I look at the data from the test benches.”

Binotto at the launch of the Ferrari: “We did our best to eradicate the weaknesses of the 2020 SF1000 car. We have made good progress with the engine and also with aerodynamics. Our main problem last year was the speed on the straights – this not only affects the engine performance, but also the aerodynamic efficiency. The new Ferrari will be more streamlined and powerful. “

Restructuring at Ferrari

In addition, there are restructuring in the team. Mattia Binotto remains the race director. Subordinate to him are Laurent Mekies for operations on the track, Enrico Cardile for the chassis area, Enrico Gualtieri is responsible for the power unit and Gianmaria Fulgenzi is responsible for supplying the parts.

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But the chassis department, headed by Enrico Cardile, is further subdivided. In the future, David Sanchez will take care of the concept of the vehicle, Fabio Montecchi will take care of the chassis project planning and Diego Ioverno will take care of the operation of the chassis.

Leclerc versus Sainz

Charles Leclerc will remain on board as the driver. Carlos Sainz will be the new team-mate and replacement of Sebastian Vettel. Ferrari is relying on the youngest Ferrari duo since 1968!

Formula 1 on TV

Formula 1 will run at Sky in 2021. The station is setting up its own TV station for the new era: Sky Formula 1. Here there is motorsport 24 hours a day. All training sessions, all qualifying sessions, all races always live and without commercial breaks. Sky also broadcasts the Formula 2, Formula 3 and Porsche Supercup races. The program also includes historical races and special programs. You can find more information here

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