Formula 1: Ferrari team boss laments advantage for Aston Martin

Ferrari team boss laments advantage for Aston Martin

Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto is under a lot of pressure. Is he already looking for excuses for a possible further defeat in 2021?

W.M-rank six with a full 50 points behind fifth-placed Renault: The 2020 season was one to forget for Ferrari. The pressure is therefore great – even now during the winter break.

After the resignation of Ferrari President Louis Camilleri around the GP in Sakhir, team boss Mattia Binotto is also under observation. Ferrari insider Leo Turrini already revealed in his Italian blog: Binotto still has the support of CEO John Elkann – but there are also high-ranking skeptics when it comes to the skills of the team boss.

One thing is certain: Binotto has to deliver for 2021. A new drive with rumored 30 HP more should help. Background: The engine was the major weak point of the Scuderia after the Italians had to equip back due to a still mysterious deal with the FIA.

Ferrari boss Binotto is aiming for third place in the world championship


Will Aston Martin drive away Ferrari in 2021?

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Binotto is now aiming for third place in the World Championship, says: “This team has been able to finish second in the last five years – except for one third. So I think third place isn’t entirely impossible. And I think that should at least be our minimum goal for the next season. “

Alone: ​​The place in the sun behind Mercedes and Red Bull is hotly contested. McLaren wants to show off its comeback with Mercedes engines. Aston Martin with Sebastian Vettel behind the wheel. And that is exactly what Binotto is a thorn in the side.
Not only is his ex-driver now fighting against the former savior in red, Aston Martin also benefits from the close cooperation with Mercedes. Because there was already an upgrade to the current versions of the transmission and rear axle in 2020, the former Racing Point team no longer has to spend development points for these areas.

To explain: For 2021, development in the area of ​​the chassis is limited. Overall, the teams are only allowed to issue two so-called tokens.

Binotto sees a disadvantage compared to Aston Martin

Binotto: “We only have two tokens available and are trying to address and modify this year’s weaknesses. But there are teams that are not limited by tokens at the moment, they have free tokens – Racing Point (i.e. Aston Martin; d. Red.) Or Alpha Tauri. ”The Red Bull sister team also receives certain parts from Red Bull Racing and does not have to give away any development tokens.

Binotto: “These teams will therefore have a competitive advantage over us and other teams in terms of development, which we must be fully aware of.”

The Ferrari capo also has McLaren in their sights: “Other teams will change engine manufacturers and maybe have an upgrade in terms of engine performance, which we have to be aware of.” Even more: McLaren is allowed to switch to the Mercedes drive Carry out modifications in the area of ​​the engine that are otherwise prohibited.

Also means: The battle between McLaren, Aston Martin and Ferrari will come to a head. Binotto’s chair is getting hotter and hotter. “The competition will be very strong again next year. But like I said, I think we have a strong team here in Maranello and I trust them completely that we can do a better job than we did today. “

We show the highs and lows of Vettel at Ferrari in the picture gallery.


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