Formula 1: Formula 1 entry ahead? That’s what Audi says

Formula 1 is currently in deep hibernation only in terms of the calendar. Behind the scenes, on the other hand, it’s hot. The future is planned and not just the near one. Background: In 2026, Formula 1 will introduce new drive regulations with around 50 percent electricity and biofuel to power the combustion engine. The concept, including various standard parts and a cost cap for engines as well, is intended to attract new manufacturers, above all the Volkswagen Group.
ABMS has been reporting since September 2021 that Volkswagen has set its sights on the premier class with both Audi and Porsche. Corresponding reports are now also coming from England. The latest status still corresponds to our original message: Audi wants to buy into McLaren and Porsche, as an engine manufacturer, is teaming up with Red Bull and AlphaTauri. Synergies should result from the fact that both Volkswagen sisters use the same hybrid engine.

At Audi, according to information from ABMS, the following is documented: Negotiations with McLaren about the purchase of shares are ongoing. It is also about the part of the British automobile group that builds the series sports cars. The Ingolstadt-based company also wants to combine sustainability and image polishing with speedy cars for the street.

On the fringes of the Dakar Rally, Chief Development Officer Oliver Hoffmann was also asked about Formula 1.

On the fringes of the Dakar Rally in Saudi Arabia (Audi has already won a stage with the new Audi RS Q e-tron), Chief Development Officer Oliver Hoffmann was also asked about Formula 1. He did not deny the plans. “We want to surprise with our motorsport projects,” he says about ABMS, among other things. “The Dakar makes sense for us as a brand because of the innovative and progressive drive concept. We drive long distances through the desert with electric motors and an energy converter (2-liter four-cylinder turbo from the DTM; d. Ed.). From 2023 we will be back in Le Mans (with an LMDh prototype; d. Ed.) At the start. We’ll see what else comes in the future. “

Then the decisive conclusion: “The FIA ​​made a few good decisions regarding the future of Formula 1, and last season was also very interesting. But now we are initially focusing on the Dakar and Le Mans. “
Alone: ​​Formula 1 boss Stefano Domenicali expects a decision soon, which has yet to be nodded by the group’s board of directors. The Italian confirmed: “I think an important month is ahead of us in terms of the Volkswagen Group’s decision. It would be great to get started, but I can’t speak on behalf of VW. “
Nevertheless, he has an important argument ready for his racing series: “Our sustainable gasoline, which we want to use in parallel with new hybrid engines with a higher proportion of electricity, can open up a second path for you (VW; d. Ed.) In addition to electromobility.”

It only seems a matter of time before Audi will surprise with the next good motorsport news …

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