Formula 1: Formula 1 expert sees even more crash potential

Max Verstappen (24) can no longer become the youngest world champion of all time. The Dutchman missed this Vettel record (23 years). But more important for the entire Formula 1: This year he can be the one who will push Dominator Lewis Hamilton (36) from the throne.

Father Jos Verstappen (49) laid the foundation for this early on. “Even at kart level, I tried to convey as much as possible to him,” says Verstappen senior on Red Bull’s Speedweek website. “Because there are so many aspects to consider – the driving itself, how you overtake, then how you set up your vehicle. Overtaking was a huge issue for me because, in my opinion, you can also overtake the wrong way. “

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Today, Verstappen junior is considered to be possibly the best and most uncompromising overtaker in the premier class. Papa Jos explains: “If Max lost time in an overtaking maneuver, then I tried to explain to him how he could do it better. It went so far that I forbade him to attack on the straights or in places that seemed too easy to me. “

Like in a boot camp, the father instilled an exceptional talent in his son. Jos: “That is one of the reasons why we have the impression in Formula 1 today that Max can overtake anywhere. An overtaking maneuver is not a product of chance. A pilot has to keep an eye on his opponent, spy on his weaknesses and really put his rivals under their control. Max trained and internalized this in karting for years. “

In 2021 there were already two clashes between the World Cup rivals.

In 2021, however, this also led to two collisions with World Cup rival Lewis Hamilton. And Formula 1 expert Marc Surer also expects further crash potential for the final spurt of the title. “It’s only a matter of hundredths of a second,” says the Swiss at ABMS. “Before that, Hamilton had always withdrawn. Now he knows that he will lose if he withdraws. ”

Verstappen leaves it all cold. Nothing can upset the Red Bull star. That too is a result of the father’s upbringing.

“I know that I’m not the easiest, and I asked a lot from Max,” admits Jos Verstappen. “But he could take it all. He’s always been very strong mentally. With many victories, of course, he also built up a lot of self-confidence step by step. And if you believe in yourself so firmly, then it won’t go away either. “

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Max Verstappen can provide the next proof this weekend at the Turkish Grand Prix. Overtaking guarantee and crash potential included.

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