Formula 1 – Haas nightmare: Mick and Mazepin out early

Bitter race for Mick Schumacher and his Haas team: Both cars of the US racing team retire early at the premiere of the Saudi Arabia GP. Schumacher Jr. starts already in lap 10: The German turns away at turn 22 and hits the gang with the rear first – an exact copy of the accident of Ferrari star Charles Leclerc in the second practice session on Friday.
Schumi Jr. can get out unharmed after departure, his Haas is junk. “Sorry”, he apologizes on the pit radio. It is his fourth serious accident of the year after Monaco (practice), France (qualifying) and Hungary (practice).

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“Unfortunately I pushed a little too hard trying to get into Russell’s DRS window again. I lost the car”, Mick explains his departure. The German also sees a lot of positive things in Jeddah: “The pace seemed to be there, we could easily keep up with the Williams and I think we really couldn’t have expected that in advance: That was very motivating, in this case just maybe one a little too much. “

Curious: Schumacher’s crash also tipped the scales in the close world championship fight between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. Reason: The race management reacts to the stranded Haas with a safety car, which Mercedes uses to bring the two leaders Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas to the pit stop one after the other. World Cup leader Max Verstappen, however, remains outside.

Mick Schumacher’s crash causes the race to be interrupted.

The right decision: Because the race is interrupted a short time later with the red flag, the cars take up position in the pit lane: Verstappen can change tires and, with a free stop, is now in the lead in corrected order and above all in front of Valtteri Bottas again.

Lewis Hamilton foams over the radio about the decision of the race management: “The tire wall looked absolutely fine.” The fact is, however, that one of the extremely expensive and complicated Tecpro barriers is set up at the scene of the accident. These only work if they are intact and properly aligned. As can be heard from the race management, one of the Tecpros is damaged, which is why a crane is needed to replace it – for safety reasons, this is only possible when the race has stopped.

When the race and the tough fight at the front finally continue after the interruption, things get even worse for Haas at the end of the field: In the backlog after a crash between Sergio Perez and Charles Leclerc, Nikita Mazepin can no longer avoid George Russell’s Williams and tiles the British with full force in the stern. Fortunately, the Russian survived the violent rear-end collision without any injuries.

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“Unfortunately, that was a pretty good blow. I fought with Stroll at the exit of turn two when the car in front of me got into the irons out of nowhere,” explains Mazepin: “I also tried to brake, but from 200 at zero I just had no chance to stop. ” Haas is the only team without points before the season finale in Abu Dhabi and therefore last in the team championship.

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