Formula 1: Hamilton keeps the World Cup open

Lewis Hamilton (36) continues to create facts and, after the Brazilian GP, ​​also wins the premiere race at the Qatar Grand Prix. The Mercedes world champion did not allow himself to be deprived of the lead at the start and then drove lonely in the direction of his seventh win of the season and his 102nd overall triumph. With two races to go, the Briton shortened his deficit to World Cup rival Max Verstappen to eight points.

The Dutchman secured second place after a strong comeback from seventh place. Reason: for ignoring a double-yellow flag waved in qualifying, he gets a penalty two hours before the start and has to drop five places back. Explosive: Apparently a marshall had waved the flags on his own initiative, the race management did not send a corresponding message on the monitors. Red Bull was therefore unable to warn Verstappen – but of course he still has to take off the accelerator when yellow.

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Second place, including the point for the fastest race lap, is damage control. Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko: “Actually, it can’t be that the FIA ​​doesn’t have their technology and marshals under control in a billion-dollar sport.” But Verstappen delivers: First one mega start up to fourth place, then he snatches Pierre Gasly and then Fernando Alonso.

Fernando Alonso

The Alpine driver got his best result since the comeback and made it back to the podium for the first time since 2014 (at that time still in the Ferrari). Esteban Ocon rounds off the good Alpine result in fifth place. Red Bull’s number two Sergio Perez is fourth.

Hamilton cheers: “I was leading the way alone. You can enjoy that too. I’m very grateful for these points. “Verstappen remains confident:” It’s nice to get up to second place. I feel good. It will be a close fight until the end. ”

But the secret winner is Fernando Alonso (40), whom the fans choose as driver of the day. “Unbelievable”, the Spaniard cheers. “I wasn’t on the podium for seven years! I enjoy it, have waited so long for it. ”This makes him the third driver over 40 years of age to celebrate on the podium after Michael Schumacher (2012) and Nigel Mansell (1994).

For the Germans, on the other hand, it’s an inconspicuous race. Sebastian Vettel has to avoid two competitors at the start and falls back to 17th place. He then fights his way to tenth place. His Aston Martin team-mate Lance Stroll made it into sixth place.

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Mick Schumacher finished in 16th place, was one lap ahead of his team-mate Nikita Mazepin and was able to fight Antonio Giovinazzi (Alfa Romeo) until the end.

Three damaged tires in the front left caused a stir.

Meanwhile, three punctured tires in the front left caused a stir. Both Valtteri Bottas and both Williams by George Russell and Nicholas Latifi suffer from flat feet. Bottas then has to park his Mercedes completely, Latifi is stranded in the gravel bed.

Qatar Grand Prix

1. Lewis Hamilton (Great Britain) – Mercedes 1: 24: 28.471 hours
2. Max Verstappen (Netherlands) – Red Bull +25.743 sec.
3. Fernando Alonso (Spain) – Alpine +59.457
4. Sergio Perez (Mexico) – Red Bull +1: 02.306 min.
5. Esteban Ocon (France) – Alpine +1: 20.570
6. Lance Stroll (Canada) – Aston Martin +1: 21.274
7. Carlos Sainz Jr. (Spain) – Ferrari +1: 21.911
8. Charles Leclerc (Monaco) – Ferrari +1: 23.126
9. Lando Norris (Great Britain) – McLaren + 1 rd.
10. Sebastian Vettel (Heppenheim) – Aston Martin + 1 round.
11. Pierre Gasly (France) – Alpha Tauri + 1 round.
12. Daniel Ricciardo (Australia) – McLaren + 1 round.
13. Yuki Tsunoda (Japan) – Alpha Tauri + 1 rd.
14. Kimi Raikkonen (Finland) – Alfa Romeo + 1 rd.
15. Antonio Giovinazzi (Italy) – Alfa Romeo + 1 rd.
16. Mick Schumacher (Gland / Switzerland) – Haas + 1 round.
17. George Russell (Great Britain) – Williams + 2 rd.
18.Nikita Mazepin (Russia) – Haas + 2 rd.
19. Nicholas Latifi (Canada) – Williams + 6 rd.


Valtteri Bottas (Finland) – Mercedes (49th round)

Driver rating
Status after 20 of 22 races:

1. Max Verstappen (Netherlands) – Red Bull 351.5 pts.
2. Lewis Hamilton (Great Britain) – Mercedes 343.5
3. Valtteri Bottas (Finland) – Mercedes 203.0
4. Sergio Perez (Mexico) – Red Bull 190.0
5. Lando Norris (Great Britain) – McLaren 153.0
6. Charles Leclerc (Monaco) – Ferrari 152.0
7. Carlos Sainz Jr. (Spain) – Ferrari 145.5
8. Daniel Ricciardo (Australia) – McLaren 105.0
9. Pierre Gasly (France) – Alpha Tauri 92.0
10. Fernando Alonso (Spain) – Alpine 77.0
11. Esteban Ocon (France) – Alpine 60.0
12. Sebastian Vettel (Heppenheim) – Aston Martin 43.0
13. Lance Stroll (Canada) – Aston Martin 34.0
14. Yuki Tsunoda (Japan) – Alpha Tauri 20.0
15. George Russell (Great Britain) – Williams 16.0
16. Kimi Raikkonen (Finland) – Alfa Romeo 10.0
17. Nicholas Latifi (Canada) – Williams 7.0
18. Antonio Giovinazzi (Italy) – Alfa Romeo 1.0

Constructors’ rating
Status after 20 of 22 races:

1. Mercedes 546.5 pts.
2. Red Bull 541.5
3. Ferrari 297.5
4. McLaren 258.0
5. Alpine 137.0
6. Alpha Tauri 112.0
7. Aston Martin 77.0
8. Williams 23.0
9. Alfa Romeo 11.0

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