Formula 1: Hamilton only with neck pain thanks to Halo

Lewis Hamilton (36) spoke out from the motorhome the evening after his accident with Max Verstappen at the Italian Grand Prix in Monza. The Briton did not turn on the camera at his video press conference, sounded very thoughtful. “I’m in a little pain,” he admitted. “They came when the adrenaline was gone from my body.”
Reason: Verstappen landed with his right rear wheel on the halo bar of Hamilton’s Mercedes, but sometimes also on the head of the Briton. Sure: The head protection bar Halo saved his neck and his life!

“My neck hurts,” reports the battered champion. “But to be honest, I feel happy. I thank God for Halo, he saved me. We always take risks, but this shows how fragile we are. “

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Verstappen was primarily to blame for the collision and will have to drop three starting positions in the next race in Russia. At first, however, it didn’t look like Hamilton was going to be bad. “At that moment it was a tough blow,” he says. “I didn’t think Max would lose control and crash into me. Everything happened so fast. In the car, I was still in Race Mode and wanted to continue. But the car didn’t move. “

Hamilton blames Verstappen for the accident.

The Mercedes star clearly sees the guilt in Verstappen. “We are both experienced top drivers. We know that you can’t do it on the outside. I already gave Max enough space on the first lap and was also in front in turn two. It was he who drove into me. ”

Hamilton is “proud” of the stewards due to the decision to give Verstappen three penalties. “I’ve never been hit in the head by a car. This is a shock to me. We need to learn from such scenarios and set precedents. If you get away with things like that, you keep doing them. “

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The fact that the Red Bull driver simply went back to the pits after the accident without asking about Hamilton’s wellbeing is strange to him. “That was weird – actually we always want to make sure the guy we crashed into is ok.”

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