Formula 1: Hamilton reacts to the turmoil over strategy dispute

There was still a lot of air at Mercedes on Sunday. Because the world champion team Lewis Hamilton (36) at the Turkish GP in Istanbul did not pilot at all and then unnecessarily to the pits to change tires, the Brit sparked angrily: “Damn, why did you give up this place?” And “We shouldn’t have come in , I said it too. ”Later he even scolded:“ Leave me alone, man. ”From third, the reigning champion fell back to fifth place.

The British Daily Mail then described Mercedes as “a bundle of nerves”. Specifically, the English tabloid read: “Lewis Hamilton is raging against his team. Hamilton lost the lead in the world championship after his Mercedes racing team acted like a bundle of nerves and called him to pit for a pointless stop. “

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That was probably too much for the seven-time world champion. He is now rowing back via Instagram: “Some of the press made a little too much of the incident yesterday when it came to when I should have got into the pits,” writes Hamilton, adding: “It’s not true if they say I’m angry with my team. “

Hamilton raged against his team at the Turkish GP on Sunday.

The Englishman explains that he could still have given the impression: “We work hard as a team to find the best possible strategy for a race, but when a race progresses you have to make contentious decisions because so many factors are constantly changing . “

On Sunday they “risked staying outside in the hope that it would be dry again, but it didn’t turn out that way. I wanted to risk it and stay out until the end, it was my wish and it didn’t work. In the end we made the pit stop and it was the safest thing we could have done. “

That’s why he doesn’t hold a grudge afterwards. Hamilton: “You always learn and we win and lose together.”

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In any case, one shouldn’t overestimate his angry speech on the pit radio. “Please don’t expect me to be calm and polite all the time when I’m racing! We are all passionate and the passion can show itself in the heat of the moment, as with all other drivers. “

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