Formula 1: Hamilton teases after the crash, Alonso reminds of Rosberg

Fernando Alonso’s opinion was not long in coming. After his collision with Lewis Hamilton on the opening lap of the Belgium GP, the Spaniard bursts at the seams: “What an idiot! Close the door from the outside. We had a mega start, but this guy only knows how to drive and start when you’re first,” Alonso rumbles on the team radio.

Hamilton immediately receives the receipt for the crash, including the flight contribution: the damage to the Silver Arrow is too great, he has to park his car just a few curves later. While the Brit stands next to his Mercedes and then trudges the long way back to the pits all by himself, Alonso is able to continue the race and finally finishes fifth.

After all: After his walk in the forest, Hamilton is also certain: “When I look at the slow-motion pictures, I have to say that it was my mistake today.” The Brit explains: “He was in my blind spot, I couldn’t see him, otherwise I would have left more space.”

Collision in Spa: Hamilton takes off, Alonso can continue

When asked about his opponent’s heated radio message, Hamilton couldn’t resist a small tip: “I’d rather not say anything about it. We’ve had different results in our careers.”

But there is a common history: Hamilton and Alonso have had a tough rivalry since 2007. In the Briton’s first F1 year, the two McLaren Mercedes drivers at the time ended the season with the same number of points after a bitter stable war and gave Ferrari star Kimi Raikkonen the world championship through their duel. Hamilton would then win seven more titles, Alonso none (after his two World Cup victories in 2005/2006 with Renault).

The tone between the rivals had actually become much softer in recent years and at least Alonso found conciliatory words again on Sunday. “I agree with him,” grins the Alpine driver in reference to Hamilton’s admission of guilt, “but I’m glad Lewis sees it that way and takes responsibility. That’s very nice of him.”

Memories of 2014: Hamilton then as now out

Alonso: “It was also a typical start-lap accident, these things happen, especially in this corner. I remember the past, Lewis and Nico (Rosberg; ed.) also clashed here. The corner is just tricky.”

Hamilton and Rosberg touched in 2014 in the duel for the lead in Les Combes. At that time the German was on the wing and had to take the blame afterwards. Despite the roles being reversed, it remained the same this time: Hamilton was the victim and retired after both collisions.

Alonso, on the other hand, laughs: “Our car seems to be very resilient. In Paul Ricard I met Yuki (Tsunoda; d. Red.), I was able to continue and he couldn’t. Even today the car (after the crash; d . Red.) OK. I don’t think we were badly damaged.”

Hamilton took the blame, but not without a tip

Curious: According to an expert, the fact that Hamilton was eliminated even saved him from a penalty. Because the stewards quickly classified the collision as a racing accident after his exit – to the surprise of ex-F1 driver Martin Brundle: “He’s lucky that there was no further investigation and he doesn’t get a grid penalty for it in the next race, I think “Lewis must be 100 percent to blame for this accident,” said the Sky England expert.

Christian Klien sees the case a little more moderately: “Lewis probably thought that he was a bit further ahead of Alonso and pulled in quite hard. But Alonso was already on the notch inside and he can’t just vanish into thin air,” he says former Jaguar pilot at ServusTV. “I still think it’s a good move from Lewis that he admits it so openly. It’s easy to find an excuse in this situation, but he’s over it.”

Hamilton then received a warning at the end of the day: Because he skipped the obligatory check in the route hospital, which would have been due after the hard hit when he landed.

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