Formula 1: Helmut Markos Red Bull highlights from 300 GP.

Milestones from 300 GP – Vettel was there three times

Red Bull completed the 300th Formula 1 race in Turkey. Head of Sport Helmut Marko looks back

A.On the Monday after the Turkish Grand Prix in Istanbul, Red Bull chief advisor Helmut Marko (67) was still too frustrated to draw any conclusions about the 300 races that Red Bull had driven in Formula 1. The disappointment over the defeat at the 300th GP was still too great. “How can you throw away the victory like that?” He asked himself, still incredulous.
A day later, the doctor of law was able to pull out the large rearview mirror again. At he looks back: “There were a lot more highlights than disappointments. Of course, all four world championship titles stand out, but I like to think back to three races in particular. ”Marko counts:“ It was Red Bull’s first win in China in 2009. It was even a double victory. It was raining terribly, but Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber dominated. It was also Sebastian’s first win for Red Bull. He was new to the team. “

Milestones from 300 GP & amp; # x96; Vettel was there three times

Vettel’s first win with Red Bull 2009 in China

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The last race in Abu Dhabi in 2010, almost exactly ten years ago, was of course a highlight. Marko: “It was about the World Cup. Actually, Sebastian had much fewer chances than Fernando Alonso and Mark Webber because of the point deficit. That is why it was all the more astonishing that he still made it. Webber had tire problems early on, so we had to bring him in. That Ferrari followed immediately and Alonso got stuck in traffic afterwards, it was our luck. They speculated because they probably only had Webber as a World Cup opponent on the bill. ”

The man from Graz then stood on the podium with Vettel. “Sebastian drove an extraordinary race and won easily. Despite his early years, he showed once more: The greater the pressure, the better it is. “But Marko also adds self-critically:” Sebastian was only able to win the title because our second driver, Webber, also had a chance for the title. Ferrari couldn’t just concentrate on one opponent. “

Milestones from 300 GP & amp; # x96; Vettel was there three times

Max Verstappen wins the Barcelona Grand Prix 2016

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The third highlight race for Marko is the Spanish Grand Prix in 2016. “It was Max Verstappen’s first victory. It was his first race for Red Bull, he was only 18 years old and was the youngest winner of all time.” But that’s not the only reason Marko fondly remembers: “A lot of pressure fell off our shoulders. Because it was extremely difficult to even get the super license for Max a year earlier. The FIA ​​was very complicated and wanted us to get the Formula One. 1 driving license for the 17-year-old at the time. He didn’t have a normal driving license was their argument. In the end they agreed, but then tightened the conditions for the super license. In retrospect, Max’s victory proved us right. “

Helmut Marko would like to cross two races out of his memory. “Once the GP in Turkey 2010, when Webber and Vettel collided. It was horrible to see that the two shot off the track. Because both were racing for the title and Sebastian in particular couldn’t score any points. After all, Mark was able to finish third After the race in Turkey, nobody could have guessed that Sebastian would make it in the end. “

Marko rates similarly low in the scale of memories of the 2018 race in Baku. Two Red Bull drivers collided again. This time it was Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen. Marko: “It was bad, because both were racing for victory. Terrible. There was also no clear question of guilt. But in contrast to 2010, the debriefings with Daniel and Max weren’t a big problem. Nothing stuck with them. That was the only thing Positive about it. “

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