Formula 1 in Monza – Ricciardo: “Make up for all those shitty days”

Now he too is one of the McLaren legends: Daniel Ricciardo (32) sensationally wins the first Grand Prix for the traditional team from Woking in almost nine years in Monza! Much to the delight of star guest Emerson Fittipaldi: After crossing the finish line, McLaren’s 1974 world champion is one of the first to congratulate Ricciardo, who also wins a bet with McLaren boss Zak Brown through his triumph: the Australian is now allowed to own a NASCAR from his illustrious car collection Childhood idol Dale Earnhardt driving.

“It was really only about a podium, not victory. Maybe I’ll get the whole car for free now?” Ricciardo jokes after the sensational success and grins: “Zak got my shoe on the podium after all.” The Australian celebrates appropriately with his so-called Shoey, in which the winning champagne is slurped out of his racing boot. In addition to Ricciardo, his second-placed team-mate Lando Norris and Boss Brown also have to take a sip on Sunday.

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For Ricciardo, who has Italian ancestors, his first McLaren victory in Monza is particularly emotional: “Dale (Earnhardt; d. Ed.) Is my hero, but when I think of McLaren, I always have to think of Senna and my childhood memories think of him. The fact that there is now a trophy with my name in the same closet next to his is a very surreal moment that really touches me, “he reveals. The 32-year-old admits: “I’m still on cloud nine, but once that’s settled, I might even shed a few tears of joy.”

Daniel Ricciardo

Also because an epidemic season lies behind him: “The whole year has been difficult, there have been many frustrating moments. I’ve never had anything like this and everyone could see that I had a hard time. Coming back from that with a win is crazy,” beams Ricciardo. “This victory means everything to me. I try not to make my happiness in life dependent on the sport. If it were only based on that, the last three and a half years would have been pretty miserable, because a lot has happened since Monaco 2018 (last win, d. Red .). But that’s why I love this sport and the highs so much: It makes up for all those shitty days. “

Ricciardo gets an extra praise on Sunday from team-mate Norris of all people: “I’m very happy for him and the whole team. Today was not my day, but Daniels,” says the Briton and adds: “Everyone thinks we won because they did Others (Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen; d. Ed.) crashed. But Daniel was in front from the start, he deserves it today. “

Ricciardo, who grabs the lead at the start and doesn’t give it up until the finish, sees it similarly: “I never really had to defend myself really hard against Max. From then on I knew that it would be difficult for him if I didn’t make a mistake make.”

McLaren’s German team boss Andreas Seidl is overjoyed after the double success for his team: “Simply a great day for the whole team,” said the Bavarian. “I’m of course super satisfied with Daniel today. There is a reason why we really wanted him. He has shown in the past that he can win races and is a top driver. The integration took longer than we wanted, but we stayed calm and kept working hard. “

The Bavarian continues: “The success is a boost for the morale of everyone in the team. To see how both drivers work together is just great for me as team boss and also a prerequisite for the fight with Ferrari (for third place in the team -WM, d. Ed.) As well as for the journey we are on: We want to get there in a few years and fight for victories every weekend. “

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Incredible: McLaren managed the first double victory for a team ever in the 2021 season on Sunday. For Seidl, the signs are good that it will not be a one-off: “We could have won the race without the drama, regardless of the accident We were in control. We were able to manage the gaps so that Daniel Lando gives him slipstream and thus keeps the pursuers at a distance. ” Closing words Seidl: “Now I’m looking forward to the party tonight.” McLaren’s first victory celebration after 168 Grand Prix …

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