Formula 1: Interview with Hamilton: There was a thought about a career break

Thought about career break was there

Lewis Hamilton explains in the Mercedes interview why he has thought about a Formula 1 break several times. And how he sees it during the break.

Lewis Hamilton spoke up again. In the PR interview from Mercedes, he also reveals an interesting piece of news: he was thinking about a Formula 1 break!

Hamilton explains: “I’m actually a rather calm person and enjoy spending time alone. It is important for everyone to concentrate on themselves in between. Because I’m also a workhorse, and if you hit this high rhythm, you just keep going. It is not easy to find the right balance between work, training and leisure. ”


Lewis Hamilton was considering a Formula 1 break

And the key words: “For this reason, I have had a few thoughts in my head over the past five years – maybe it would be good for my body and soul to take a break. But in the end I always decided against it because I think: It is not good for an athlete at the zenith of his ability to rest for a year and then come back. ”

The corona virus gave Hamilton a break anyway. There has been no Formula 1 race for six months. Hamilton misses that. “I miss racing every day. It’s the first time since I was eight that I couldn’t go into a racing season. If something that you love so deeply, literally lives and breathes away, there is this emptiness, ”says the six-time Formula 1 world champion.


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