Formula 1: Jean Todt on Michael Schumacher after the accident

Todt about Schumi: “We love each other”

Seven years ago Michael Schumacher had a serious accident while skiing. FIA President Jean Todt is one of the few who are still allowed to see him

S.It was seven years ago today. On December 29, 2013, the news of Michael Schumacher’s (51) serious skiing accident shook the motorsport world.

In Méribel, France, the Formula 1 record world champion fell despite low speed and hit his head on a stone. Schumacher suffers a severe traumatic brain injury. Since then, the Kerpener has been fighting his way back to life.

Alone: ​​Nothing is known about the condition of the record world champion. Just this much: In his Swiss homeland Gland he is looked after by a team of specialists. Only a few close friends are allowed to see him. One is FIA President Jean Todt. As Ferrari team boss, the French won five world titles with Schumi from 2000 to 2004.

Jean Todt in an interview with AUTO BILD MOTORSPORT boss Bianca Garloff

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“There are pictures of Michael hanging all over my offices and apartments,” Todt tells “I will always remember the time with Michael as the best of my life. We love each other because we wrote an incredible story together. And because we have always stuck together in difficult times. “

A special motif that also hangs in Todt’s office is the Japan podium from the year when Schumacher won his first world title for Ferrari.

Todt: “The moment with Michael on the podium was the best of my career. It shows the reason why I was hired by Ferrari. And why I got Michael. At that time I said to Michael: Our professional life will never be the same again. We met everyone’s expectations. Not just from fans in Italy, but worldwide. Everyone always asked me at the beginning: when will it happen? A few years later I got the question: When are you going to lose again? They were all fed up with our dominance. “

Now the next Schumi is coming to Formula 1. Michael Schumacher’s son Mick will drive for Haas-Ferrari in 2021.


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