Formula 1 – Lewis Hamilton like Ali: Sport becomes a minor matter

Hamilton like Ali: Sport becomes a minor matter

Lewis Hamilton used a podium appearance to get rid of a political message. This makes him more and more the second Muhammad Ali

W.he US sprinter Tommi Smith 52 years ago at the Olympic Games in Mexico now also uses Formula 1 superstar Lewis Hamilton (35), a sport that is popular around the world, to make public politics.

In Mexico 1968, 200-meter Olympic gold medalist Smith held up his right fist at the award ceremony. It was the mark of the “Black Power” movement, which denounced racism and unjust treatment of the Afro-American population in the USA.

The IOC then suspended the US sprinters from the competitions. Reason: The gesture does not reflect the spirit of the Olympic Games. Political statements have no place there.

Hamilton won his 90th race at Mugello

Hamilton followed in Smith ‘footsteps at Mugello. Even at the traditional anti-racism ceremony before the Grand Prix of Tuscany, he wore a T-shirt that read: “Arrest the murderers of Breonna Taylor.” On the back was a large photo of the 26-year-old African-American who died in March of this year during a drug search in the hail of bullets by three police officers who allegedly broke into her home without warning and opened fire immediately. Above the photo was the sentence: “Say your name.”

Many American sports stars have already taken up the case and criticized the fact that the three police officers were not tried. Hamilton now joined this protest. After his victory in Mugello, he ended the first interview with the winners with the sentence: “Justice for Breonna Taylor”.

At the award ceremony he again demonstratively put on the T-shirt, declaring the sport to be a minor matter. In the press conference after the race, he added. “It cannot be that the police can still run around freely and continue to be racist. You have to draw attention to it. “

Punishments like US sprinter Smith 1968 hardly threaten the superstar, although his action has violated FIA statutes, which do not allow political statements. A Formula 1 team boss, who does not want to be named publicly, to Sport1: “You cannot sanction Lewis for an action that is supported all over the world. I’m sure his employer Mercedes sees it the same way. “
On the contrary: Hamilton, who won his 90th race in Mugello and was able to surpass Michael Schumacher’s record of 91 victories in the next but one race at the Nürburgring, is on par with his role model Muhammad Ali, who is also because of his courageous political statements was voted the greatest athlete of the century while still alive.

Hamilton is an avowed fan of the boxer legend. He once said to AUTO BILD MOTORSPORT reporters in an interview: “For me, he is the greatest athlete of all time. Not only because of his successes, but also because of his personality, his moral courage. Because of the values ​​he stood for. For his social commitment. For what he has done for all colored people around the world. How he consistently stood up for human rights. “

Hamilton is now emulating that.


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