Formula 1: Lewis Hamilton on Schumi’s influence on the Mercedes team

Hamilton on Schumi’s influence on the team

Lewis Hamilton praises Michael Schumacher and talks about his influence on the Mercedes team.

KOne question: Without a strong car like his Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton would not have been seven times Formula 1 world champion. But it is also true: drivers also have a lot of influence on their work equipment and environment.

Hamilton on Schumi's influence on the team

Lewis Hamilton

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The newly crowned world champion Hamilton explains in an interview with “”: “For young drivers who are new to Formula 1, it is difficult to understand what Michael Schumacher did or what I am doing in this team,” said the 35-year-old Yearlings. “You only see: We have a good car, Michael had a good car. Unfortunately, people don’t see what is happening in the background here.”

Schumacher led Ferrari back to the top after 21 years and ushered in a new dominance. When Hamilton switched to Mercedes, the Silver Arrows were only mediocre. Now they dominate.

Hamilton describes the ingredients for success as follows: “You have to be in control. You have a strong group of intelligent, passionate people around you. And of course there is also a team boss who is at the main wheel. But when it comes to developing how to make the car better, that’s my job. ”


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