Formula 1: Lewis Hamilton targets eighth title

Hamilton targets eighth title

Lewis Hamilton is aiming for the eighth world title, giving an indication of his contract extension with Mercedes.

I.Is this a new indication of an upcoming contract extension between Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes? The negotiations have been dragging on like chewing gum since the middle of last year. But now Hamilton is targeting a new record that cannot be broken without a Mercedes contract: the eighth world title. Another triumph and the Briton has trumped record world champion Michael Schumacher (7).

Hamilton wants to overtake Schumi – and has his sights set on the next World Cup!

“The eighth title is a huge thing, I have difficulties to pronounce the number, but still that will be the topic that will be talked about in 2021”, Hamilton is now quoted by SportWeek, the magazine of Gazzetta dello Sport. Hamilton continues: “I’m also completely focused on this title, with a great group of people around me.”

So that means: In 2021, the seven-time champion wants to dare to attack again. A surprising resignation is therefore not to be expected. Hamilton speaks as if he had long since signed for 2021: “I expect a tough year, I can assure you. Red Bull has shown that they are very strong in 2020. ”Hamilton should mean Max Verstappen’s win in Abu Dhabi, among other things.

Lewis Hamilton with dog Roscoe

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While Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff reported that the engines were down in the last race, Hamilton disagreed. “We always asked the maximum from our engines, but they were simply faster. So we still have to work very hard. ”The Briton, meanwhile knighted and thus a real sir, knows about the danger of series victories. “When you’re growing, you can take great strides as a hunter. But when you’re already at the top it’s harder to take these smaller steps forward. “

Wolff also expects the contract to be announced soon. “There’s no news yet, but we’re not that far away,” he says. “We know the deadline is the day we travel to Bahrain for the winter tests, but by then we will have everything in a dry place.”

Wolff does not expect a three-year contract

However, the Viennese does not expect a three-year contract, as Hamilton has always signed with Mercedes. Wolff: “I’m not assuming that Lewis will stay three years. We see a development in the near future, not only with the cost cap, but also with this technical rule change, where you have to keep your eyes open. We are discussing what the correct duration is. “

Background: From 2023, both drivers can only cost 30 million euros together. Unless you’ve signed the contract beforehand. From Hamilton’s point of view, the British should actually be keen to commit themselves for three years – unless he wants to retire from Formula 1 at the end of 2022.

Either way – the new contract will define the time that the seven-time player has to become world champion for the eighth time and to set himself a monument.


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