Formula 1: Max Verstappen wants the same weapons as Hamilton

Verstappen wants the same weapons as Hamilton

Max Verstappen has long been considered a Formula 1 superstar. But how long does he want to wait before he can challenge Lewis Hamilton?

Vwill Red Bull driver Max Verstappen (22) soon lose patience with his team? After his renewed retirement at the Tuscany GP, one could assume that. Furious, he threw the steering wheel out of the car and stomped back into his box like a wild bull wearing a helmet.
The frustration comes from his self-confidence, which persuades him: He can beat anyone with the same weapons, including Lewis Hamilton! “No matter who you sit next to me”, the youngest GP winner of all time is convinced, “I’ll beat them all.” Verstappen’s image in the premier class is now so good that hardly anyone contradicts this statement.
Alone: ​​Red Bull cannot keep up with Mercedes this season either. In Red Bull, the hurdle Hamilton is too high for Verstappen. Therefore, as AUTO BILD Motorsport learned, the Dutchman would rather drive in a team with the British series winner today than tomorrow. He really wants to prove that he is already the best.

How long does Verstappen have to wait before he can challenge Lewis Hamilton?

In theory, that’s still possible. Hamilton has still not renewed his contract with Mercedes, which will expire at the end of this year. Verstappen wouldn’t mind if Red Bull signed him for 2021. So he could beat him with the same weapons and become world champion in 2021. If not, it will be difficult. “Corona has frozen development opportunities for next year,” said the Dutchman, “maybe we will be able to get closer. But we can hardly beat them.”

The frustration is so deep that Red Bull’s engine partner Honda is already getting its fat. Verstappen had the same engine problems twice in a row, he cursed publicly. “That is unacceptable.” One thing is clear: the honeymoon with Honda is over, the tone is getting rougher. Only Red Bull motorsport chief adviser Helmut Marko (still) remains calm. “Honda has made progress, but Mercedes is still superior in the area of ​​batteries. We have to start now.” Marko explains the two engine problems at ABMS as follows: “Honda has replaced engineers. Perhaps that is why there were the unexpected difficulties.”

One thing is certain: It is not easy for Marko at the moment. He has to please Honda and keep his best driver engaged. In addition: So far, Honda has only committed to Formula 1 until 2021. Some insiders such as ex-Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone assume that the Japanese could end their F1 involvement at the end of 2021. Marko: “The decision should be made in early October.”

Verstappen doesn’t care. He finally wants the same weapons to challenge Hamilton. The sooner the better. Marko knows that too: “Actually, Max has a permanent contract for 2021. But we are well aware that we have to provide him with a competitive engine.” Competitiveness is defined in numbers as follows: the engine must not lose more than three tenths of a second per lap to the competition. Honda is currently losing more to Mercedes on stretches with long straights. Like the next race in Sochi on Sunday in a week.

The Japanese have to do better now. Also because of Verstappen.


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