Formula 1: McLaren denies sale to Audi

Has Audi bought the McLaren Group? With this message, the British magazine Autocar caused a sensation on Monday. The deal has therefore been made and should also bring Audi into Formula 1.

Alone: ​​The McLaren Group immediately denied it. She was “aware of a media report that she was sold to Audi”, it said in an official statement: “This is completely inaccurate. McLaren is doing its best to remove the message. ”

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However, one leaves a back door open and admits that cooperation with other automakers is very much possible. McLaren’s technology strategy therefore includes “ongoing discussions and cooperation with relevant partners and suppliers, including other automobile manufacturers, but the ownership structure of the McLaren Group has not changed.”

McLaren denies a purchase by Audi, but leaves a back door open.

According to information from AUTO BILD Motorsport, no decision has actually been made or a contract signed. A cooperation between Audi and McLaren is currently being initiated.

At the end of September and also at the end of October, ABMS reported that the Volkswagen Group had plans for its Audi and Porsche brands to enter Formula 1. While Porsche is considering a collaboration with Red Bull, Audi could enter into a partnership with McLaren. (HERE you can find our exclusive articles on the Volkswagen Group’s entry into Formula 1 with Audi and Porsche.)

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The engines for both brands would be developed and built in collaboration with Red Bull Powertrains, among others. Entry is made possible by the new drive regulations from 2026 with a higher proportion of power from the electric motor (up to 50 percent), a waiver of the complicated MGU-H heat engine and the use of biofuel. Most recently, Porsche had publicly expressed its interest in Formula 1 and specified conditions.

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