Formula 1: McLaren expects a strong Vettel as an opponent

McLaren expects a strong Vettel as an opponent

McLaren versus Aston Martin – it will be one of the exciting duels of the year. Zak Brown expects Vettel as a difficult opponent

E.t is likely to be the most exciting duel behind the battle between Mercedes and Red Bull for the world title. McLaren-Mercedes versus Aston Martin-Mercedes! Not only is it a battle between two Mercedes customer teams. The constellation of two German top performers is also explosive. Sebastian Vettel (33) wants to bring Aston Martin forward as the lead driver, Andreas Seidl wants to take the next step back to the top of Formula 1 as team manager with McLaren.
McLaren CEO Zak Brown believes that the two buddies will also meet as opponents. At the McLaren presentation, the American said: “Given the car you (Aston Martin) have – they have the fastest car next to Mercedes – they will be hard to beat.”

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Brown is referring to the extremely close collaboration between Aston Martin and Mercedes. The British sports car manufacturer’s team not only gets the drive from Mercedes High Performance Powertrains from Brixworth, but also purchases other parts such as the rear axle, transmission and front suspension from Brackley. In 2020, Aston’s predecessor team, Racing Point, took the cooperation to the extreme, copying almost the entire previous year’s Mercedes – including the body and aerodynamics. That is no longer allowed. Nevertheless, the new Vettel team can still use the mentioned 2020 parts of the Mercedes in 2021. This corresponds to an update without Aston Martin having to issue development tokens.

McLaren expects a strong Vettel as an opponent

Zak Brown, CEO, McLaren Racing

© McLaren

Also means: You can concentrate on other areas in the evolution of the car. Accordingly, team boss Otmar Szafnauer had already revealed that Vettel is getting a car that takes less than 70 percent of the parts from the previous year. The American: “We have a new underbody, a new body, a new engine cover, a new chassis and new wings.”

And they just have Vettel on the steering wheel. Zak Brown: “Sebastian is a four-time world champion and even if he didn’t have a great year last year, he will definitely give his best again and be highly motivated.”

The experts are also looking forward to the clash between McLaren and Aston Martin. “I have great confidence in both of them,” says Ralf Schumacher to “McLaren took the right step with the Mercedes engines. Aston Martin took the right step to get Sebastian Vettel, who now has to prove that he has been sold below value at Ferrari in recent years. ”

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But even at McLaren, he values ​​the German team boss component highly. “For me, Andreas Seidl is one of the best technology managers in Formula 1. I think very highly of him. It will be exciting to see who will be more important to the team – Vettel or Seidl. “

And ex-team boss Eddie Jordan also sees McLaren on the way back to the front. “McLaren will find its way back to old strength in the future,” he told “I think 2022 will be their big hour. Vettel must absolutely perform this year and prevail against Stroll. Lance can be very fast, but so far he has lacked consistency. McLaren is better staffed in terms of driving. Ricciardo is one of the best and Norris is a super talent. “

McLaren vs. Aston Martin. Mercedes customer versus Mercedes premium partner. Seidl against Vettel. The voltage increases.


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