Formula 1 – McLaren “far, far away” from F1 top

It’s bewitched. After fourth place last year, McLaren actually wanted to take the next step. But while the long-term opponent of 2021, Ferrari, clinched a one-two in Bahrain, McLaren really crashed: Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo took 13th and 18th place in qualifying (down: 1.5 seconds!) and came in 14th and 14th 15 to the finish.

The drama was already apparent during the test drives. The traditional British team struggled with overheating front brakes. Consequence: With only around 200 laps, McLaren covered the fewest test kilometers of all teams. A hastily concocted interim solution promised improvement. But the disaster continued into the GP weekend.

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The German team boss Andreas Seidl now has to explain why it suddenly stopped working. Does he know it himself? The Bavarian shrugs his shoulders: “In addition to the problems that we already had, we also had to manage various parameters in the race to cool down the temperatures. That cost us even more performance.”

Alone: ​​It’s not the heat that slows down the MCL 36. Apparently, the car also lacks the right balance.

“We just lack a lot of downforce,” reveals youngster Lando Norris, “and that’s why the handling is pretty bad. And if you don’t have downforce, then the tires don’t work well either. You have understeer, you have oversteer, and it still happens Many other things.” Sounds almost like the dilemma in which Aston Martin is.

For McLaren, the start of the Formula 1 season in Bahrain was a disaster.

Norris sobered: “We are far, far away. Not just a little, but far away. We have to get used to that.”

Teammate Daniel Ricciardo, who also missed the Bahrain test due to a corona infection, explains the vicious circle in which he and Norris are now caught: “The cars are slower than last year. They develop less grip. That makes it easier to make mistakes because the cars are more difficult to drive.”

And now? A quick solution to the overall problem does not seem to be in sight, even if team boss Seidl hopes that the stop-and-go course in Bahrain simply did not suit the McLaren.

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“We now have to see how the car performs on different track layouts,” says the German. “It looks like the track in Bahrain particularly exposed us to the weaknesses of our car.”

Norris, however, warns of a tough time ahead: “Everybody needs to know that there’s probably going to be some pain. McLaren and I expect a lot more, but that’s not possible at the moment,” he emphasizes, stretching the timeline wide: “In the coming months we have to understand what’s going on and how it can get better.”

Particular attention is paid to technical director James Key. The highly acclaimed Brit now has to show what he can do.

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