Formula 1: Mercedes and Red Bull fight for the best driver

Mercedes and Red Bull are fighting for the best driver

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner and Mercedes man Toto Wolff are fighting over the best driver in the field. Wolff does not want to leave that Max Verstappen should already be better than Lewis Hamilton

Zwhite alpha animals are one too many: they eye each other and try to take advantage of each other’s weaknesses. One thing is certain: even if they try to be nice to each other in public – behind the scenes they twisted themselves against their shins. When bulls and wolves attack each other.

In any case, the two will no longer be friends in this life. We’re talking about Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff and Red Bull colleague Christian Horner. The Briton and the Austrian head the two best teams in Formula 1. Together they have won eleven world titles in the past eleven years. Christian Horner was allowed to take the Constructors’ Cup with him to the Red Bull factory in Milton Keynes from 2010 to 2013. Wolff is responsible for the Mercedes World Championships from 2014 to 2020.
In 2021, both will again be the greatest competitors for the World Cup crown. Verbally, the championship began long ago for both of them. Red Bull man Horner threw the gauntlet in this case. Background: The Briton believes that with Max Verstappen he has the best driver in the field – and ties that to George Russell.

Toto Wolff and Christian Horner

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The Williams driver replaced the seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton in his corona infection in Sakhir 2020 and almost even got the win if he hadn’t been stopped by a failed pit stop and a flat tire. Horner concludes from this at RacingNews365: “At Mercedes, a Williams driver can qualify directly in the front row, Russell almost won the race. But if someone has to get into Verstappen’s car at Red Bull, then nobody will reach his level. “

A cross comparison that limps – but which still has a real core. And challenges Wolff to counterattack.

The Viennese, who has just been infected with the corona virus, does not want to let Hamilton sit down. “Christian can’t stop teasing in the background, but that’s part of the game,” the Austrian countered on the edge of the ski race in Kitzbügel on ORF. Wolff, who was most recently infected with the Corona virus without symptoms and therefore had to go into self-isolation, continues: “You can only judge the best drivers on the starting grid if you let them race against each other. We didn’t see Lewis against Max, we didn’t see George against Lewis, we didn’t see Charles Leclerc in a top car. But the future belongs to the young drivers and at some point they will all compete against each other with the same material and then we will see who is the best. “

Wolff also points to the fact that Russell could replace Hamilton at Mercedes in 2021. The contract with Lewis Hamilton is on the right track. Wolff: “It’s about details, the lawyers are hard at work. At the latest before Bahrain we have to sign something at some point. But we’re not making it easy for lawyers. We argue about Zoom and then toss them new balls. That’s how it works with negotiations. You come from different corners and approach each other. ”The Austrian jokingly:“ I already threatened him that I would get into the car. ”

In any case, they never threatened Hamilton with the possible alternative of George Russell, Wolff denied corresponding reports in the English media, which ABMS had also heard. “We never played the Russell card. Our longstanding partnership is not about showing any threatening gestures. Russell did an excellent job back then and I am convinced that one day he will be in a top car. “

First, however, they will “pull out the fountain pen” together with Hamilton. So that the duel against Verstappen and Red Bull ends again successfully.


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