Formula 1: Mercedes angry, Red Bull puzzles over wonder engine

It can go that fast. A week ago in Mexico it seemed as if Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton would resign themselves in the World Cup duel against Red Bull, after the victory at the Brazilian GP, ​​the world championship team is on top again. And that, although there was no walk-through at the weekend in Sao Paulo: engine penalty, disqualification after qualifying for a “bagatelle” (quote from Toto Wolff) and then also a lack of investigation into Max Verstappen after his maneuver in turn four.

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff delivered the picture of the weekend to Max Verstappen after the decisive overtaking maneuver by pointing his finger into the camera and grimacing angrily. “That was the greeting to the race director,” explains the Viennese afterwards. “Max’s defense was over the limit. He deserved a 5 second penalty. But sweeping that under the rug is the tip of the iceberg. Simply ridiculous. ”

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At Sky he became even clearer: “It’s an absolute mess not to get a penalty for being pushed out. Max drives sensationally with the knife between his teeth, but then you have to expect a 5-second penalty. To see this as a racing incident is embarrassing for the race management. That is all being worked up now. We can’t let that sit on us. I’ve always been diplomatic, but diplomacy is obsolete today. “

The picture of the weekend was provided by Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff.

What Wolff is right: The FIA ​​misses constancy. “I am for tough racing,” adds the Austrian. “But if it is determined in advance that you are not allowed to drive anyone off the track, that won’t work.” Sky expert Timo Glock also judged: “Max risked the penalty. That was a wrong decision. That should have gone to the stewards. “

One thing is certain: The house blessing is more than crooked between Mercedes and the FIA. During Wolff’s press round, the next low blow fluttered as a message on Wolff’s cell phone: Because he loosened the belt in the lap of honor, Hamilton had to go to the stewards again. After all, the Briton will be able to get over the 5000 euro fine.

Red Bull, on the other hand, had to cope with a low blow of a sporting nature. Hamilton’s new engine gives the British the wings that Verstappen is supposed to get from the team at the Energy Dink manufacturer. “We saw the incredible power of Hamilton in the sprint race for the first time,” recaps Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko. “We haven’t seen an engine like this in recent years. Mercedes has succeeded in conjuring up such a rocket as a masterpiece. This is a mystery to us. With us, a new engine brings three to five kW, Hamilton’s new engine brings a good 15 kW, just like the one that flies past the opponents. ”

Marko’s conclusion: “If things continue like this, it won’t look good for the World Cup. Mercedes says they have an insane amount of engine wear. But that doesn’t help us, because then the World Championship is over. ”This fits well: the engine only breaks down after 1000 kilometers of mileage. Wolff: “We have a lot of wear and tear and also reliability issues, that is an absolutely deadly combination. But now we can stabilize that. “

Red Bull does not protest against a possibly flexible element on the Mercedes rear wing. Marko: “We don’t have enough facts. A protest would be the very last resort. “

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Red Bull seems as perplexed as Mercedes after the race in Mexico. With Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi, three Mercedes races are just around the corner. “But the pendulum can swing back and forth,” Wolff warns of premature euphoria. Next Sunday the Formula 1 world can look completely different again after the GP Qatar …

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