Formula 1: Mercedes contract Does Hamilton play poker like his idol Senna?

Is Hamilton playing poker like his idol Senna?

It’s 2021 and Lewis Hamilton still doesn’t have a new contract. Does he use Ayrton Senna as a role model?

UIncredible, but true: record world champion Lewis Hamilton (still three days 35) has been unemployed since January 1st. Reason: his Mercedes contract expired at the end of 2020. And: He has not yet signed a new one. The English express now wants to know what the problem is: The Briton has three conditions.

They are not a problem for team boss and one-third shareholder Toto Wolff – but for the Daimler board of directors around CEO Ola Källenius, the demands of Hamilton, who has been beaten to Sir, are too high. They want to lower him in price, otherwise they prefer to sign the cheaper compatriot Hamilton’s George Russell.

It’s 2021 and Lewis Hamilton still doesn’t have a new contract.

© S. Etherington / Mercedes

According to the English daily, Hamilton’s first condition for extending his contract is Hamilton’s: He demands 40 million euros basic salary. So the Briton wants to make sure that he is still the best paid driver in Formula 1.

Claim two: Hamilton wants ten percent of the Mercedes prize money if the team wins the constructors’ championship for the eighth time in a row. According to Express, Mercedes received 140 million euros in 2020. That would mean another bonus of 14 million euros for Hamilton.

Condition three seems the easiest for Mercedes: Hamilton not only wants to get the latest AMG model that will come onto the market in the future free of charge – he also wants to play a major role in the group that goes beyond a normal ambassadorial role. Specifically: He wants to actively help establish Mercedes in the new world of electric cars.

Hamilton announced on his Instagram channel in 2020: “I would also like to use my position as a racing driver to implement positive and lasting changes, which is why I am working closely with Mercedes to slowly convert their vehicle fleet to electric cars. My new dream car is the new, fully electric EQS. I can’t wait for it to be released! “
Alone: ​​Mercedes is now playing poker and using George Russell as leverage. The 22-year-old young driver – actually under contract with Williams – proved himself in the second race in Bahrain when he replaced Hamilton, who had suffered from corona, and only failed to win due to a lot of bad luck.
For experts like ex-Formula 1 driver Mark Webber, the glorious appearance was the worst thing that could have happened to Hamilton: “Lewis couldn’t like that,” said the Australian, “even if Lewis is the best out there, Russell has shown that that other talented drivers can also win with the Mercedes. Especially since they are much cheaper. “

Is Hamilton playing poker like his idol Senna?

George Russell

© S. Etherington / Mercedes

What Webber thinks: Russell wouldn’t cost Mercedes more than two million euros. A sum that would be excellently represented internally in times of Corona, when everyone wants and has to tighten their belts.

But it is quite possible that Hamilton will also stay cool. In the scene it has long been discussed that the seven-time world champion continues to play for time and, like his great idol Ayrton Senna, played poker with McLaren in 1993.

Background: Senna and the then McLaren boss Ron Dennis could not agree on a contract extension at the end of 1992 either. Shortly before the first race in South Africa, Dennis had to give in and respond to a suggestion from the Brazilian: He had asked for a million dollars for each race. Excluding expenses.

Before each of the 16 races of the season had to be renegotiated. In the end, Senna was $ 16 million richer and McLaren had five more race wins. For Senna it was a profitable business. Originally he had asked for $ 14 million.

The Hamilton variant could look like this: He would drive for two million euros per race. According to the calendar, 23 Grand Prix are planned.

Alone: ​​Even if the scene assumes that Hamilton and Mercedes will somehow come to an agreement; Hamilton’s mood isn’t supposed to be the best. He doesn’t feel valued. There is therefore a risk that he will throw in the towel because of this.


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