Formula 1: Mercedes gets a new racing workshop

Mercedes gets new racing workshop

Mercedes has published its new Race Bays on social media. This is the new racing workshop of the world championship team Formula 1 car consists of around 5000 individual parts. But a real Mercedes is only made in Brackley, 125 kilometers north-west of London. Mercedes builds its world championship cars in the town of 13,000 with a typical English medieval town center, nestled in the hilly county of Northamptonshire. About 14 kilometers away, Formula 1 fans from all over the world meet once a year – for the British GP at the Silverstone race track.

Arriving at the Mercedes GP factory in Brackley near the Silverstone circuit is like discovering slowness. There are signs everywhere with a speed limit of 10 (miles per hour). Curious, because the fastest Formula 1 cars in the world are built here, of all places.

This is where Mercedes builds its world champion cars

The modern versions of the legendary Silver Arrows have been screwed on here since 2010. The monocoque, body, suspensions, wheel carriers, axles, hydraulics and fuel systems, steering wheel and steering columns are produced in Brackley. The hybrid drive comes from Brixworth, around an hour’s drive away.

The old Formula 1 race bays from Mercedes

© Mercedes / Twitter

The technicians are working on the new Silver Arrow on an area of ​​60,000 square meters. And from now on it will be assembled in a brand new racing workshop.

After almost 20 years, the old so-called Race Bays, where the cars are assembled and serviced, have now been mothballed. Mercedes announced this today on social networks. The impressive numbers of the old workbenches: 115 wins, 253 podium positions, 126 poles, 79 fastest laps and 57 double victories since 1999. The statistics also include the successes of the cars from BAR, Honda and BrawnGP.

“These Race Bays have seen everything over the years: from the euphoric highs to the deepest lows, to the moments of hope and the moments when you scratched your head.”

Many fans also know the old workshop from the festivities. In the pre-Corona times, the entire team regularly came together here and toasted the many victories and world championships. All of that is over now. At least in the old holy halls.

Mercedes gets new racing workshop

The new Formula 1 Race Bays from Mercedes

© Mercedes / Twitter

The new racing workshop is to be inaugurated in the coming weeks. The photos show that it is huge, hypermodern and sterile like a clinic. In terms of color, the new Race Bays are completely black and white.

The new Mercedes workshop bears Wolff’s signature

The new workshop clearly bears the signature of Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff, who never gives up and always wants to improve his team. Wolff recently told Autosport: “I can’t really look into other organizations, and that’s why it’s very difficult for me to find out where their weaknesses are or where we have advantages. I just know that we are a good place to work, a place to have fun, but also to put pressure on ourselves. “

The key to success, according to the Viennese: “Finding the balance between the pressure that causes a pipe to burst and the pressure that produces a diamond.”

One thing is certain: the Formula 1 diamonds are to be shaped in the future on the new Race Bays in Brackley.


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