Formula 1: Mercedes protest is rejected

+++ Update 8:15 p.m .: The second Mercedes protest has also been rejected. The stewards have come to the conclusion that race director Michael Masi has full control over the SafetyCar according to Article 15.3 of the sporting regulations. This also means that not ALL cars have to lap themselves if the race director ends the yellow phase beforehand.

The stewards also note that the race result would not have changed if all eight cars had lapped themselves. Mercedes wanted the results to be rolled back until the penultimate lap. “This is a step that, in the opinion of the stewards, shortens the race in retrospect and is therefore not appropriate,” said the race stewards. Mercedes announces, however, that they want to appeal.

After the decision, the joy in the Red Bull garage knows no bounds. Verstappen and Horner embrace deeply! Horner: “We never wanted to end up in front of the stewards. We don’t go into the race with lawyers. It was a shame it came to this, but the stewards made the right decision. “

What was it about? More information in the original text below.

Mercedes wants to win the World Cup at the Green Table

Mercedes wants to decide the Formula 1 World Championship at the green table. Even during the final phase of the race, team boss Toto Wolff was raging in the garage and raging on the radio in the direction of FIA race director Michael Masi: “No, Michael! No! That’s not really right! “The Australian’s answer:” We’re racing here, Toto. ”

The stumbling block was the last safety car phase, in which the lapped drivers, who initially formed a buffer between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, were allowed to lap back and thus made the showdown and the overtaking maneuver that was decisive for the World Cup on the last lap possible.

Wolff’s driver Hamilton, on the other hand, showed himself worthy even in the defeat of a world champion. The seven-time champion congratulated his successor Max Verstappen fairly. But after the champagne shower it got serious: Mercedes officially protested and fought against the race result and the World Cup triumph of Max Verstappen with a star lawyer who had been flown in beforehand.

It was about two controversial scenes. On the one hand, Verstappen is said to have been slightly ahead of Lewis Hamilton’s in the last safety car lap with his front wing. In the eyes of Mercedes, this is considered an overtaking maneuver, which is prohibited under yellow.

Mercedes is of the opinion that race director Michael Masi did not keep to the protocol.

In addition, race director Michael Masi did not keep to the protocol. Reason: Not all cars were allowed to lap, but only the first five stragglers between Hamilton and Verstappen.

The Dutchman can only smile tiredly: “I don’t really have much to say about the protest. There were some protests this season. ”His team boss Christian Horner says on Sky:“ We are disappointed that there is a protest, but we trust the FIA. ”

Mercedes writes: “As reported, we filed a formal protest within the prescribed time window of 30 minutes after the end of the race. We will not comment on the details until the hearing. ”

Curious: Hamilton even skipped the official FIA press conference and will not give any further interviews today.

In the meantime, the protest has been thrown off because of the alleged overtaking maneuver behind the safety car. Reason: Verstappen had indicated a corresponding maneuver when warming up the tires, but did not carry it out. So all that remains is the protest against the safety car protocol.

Red Bull team boss Horner meanwhile speaks to the FIA ​​commissioners in their conscience: “If something else comes up, they ignore the will of the fans.”

And at the end of the phase he says: “We yelled on the radio (to Michael Masi; d. Red.): Let them go! That’s what we’ve been talking about all year, just let them go. In the end, this World Championship went into the last lap and the decisive factor was the great strategy call to make the last pit stop and get soft tires. But then Max also had to implement it. “

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