Formula 1: Mick Schumacher is “right on schedule”

At the last Formula 1 Grand Prix in the USA, Mick Schumacher (22) played an important role in the fight for victory when he first slowed down the leading Max Verstappen while lapping him, but then gave him the opportunity to take part in the DRS Use.
At the GP in Mexico this weekend (Sunday, 8 p.m., Sky) it again appears clearly large in the eyes of the colleagues. Reason: In the paddock there is a huge poster of Michael Schumacher’s son, whose face is reddened by the photo. Schumi junior: “I won’t get used to the picture out there until the end of the weekend, it’s already very big …”

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In the meantime, however, he has got used to Formula 1 – and also to the beautiful sides. Instead of jetting back to Europe between the races in Austin and Mexico City, he enjoyed himself with his driver buddy Esteban Ocon (Alpine) and sister Gina-Maria on the coast of Mexico, drove jet skiing and quad bikes.

A huge poster for Michael Schumacher’s son hangs in the paddock.

And it works in the job too. “I think everything is going according to plan,” is how he sums up his first Formula 1 season. “I had high expectations of myself and set my goals high. I’ve achieved a few things, a few not yet. ”

After all: twice he made it into the second qualifying segment with the worst car in the field, 15-2 in the team duel against Nikita Mazepin. Schumacher explains: “You develop, make new experiences and change. I feel more comfortable on many points than in the first race. I’m getting in now and I know exactly what I have to do to make my driving life easier, to come up with strategies in my head during the race and to go into the weekend without surprises. “

The Haas driver is well prepared for the coming year with completely new technology rules, after all, there are only five races left on the program in 2021. “The year went by really quickly,” he says. “That’s terrifying because it feels like we just started last week.”

His wish for 2022: “I would love to have a car that can drive for the championship. But that will be difficult next year. In this respect, I would like the best possible package. ”

Mick Schumacher

After finishing 16th in the USA, Schumacher is also optimistic for Mexico. “I liked the track in the simulator,” he admits. “But the altitude will give us a different feeling when driving. I have to get used to it. ”Background: The 4.3 kilometer long circuit in Mexico City is around 2000 meters above sea level. The thin mountain air steals horsepower from the engines and lowers the downforce of the car, even though the teams are driving with the blades as steep as possible. In other words: The cars have less grip and slip more. Mick: “I have no problem with that.”

In Austin he was able to start from 16th place after various engine penalties by the competition. This time, too, the German is hoping for the narrow and winding section through a baseball stadium: “The route is predestined for many people to make mistakes. If we benefit from it and get into Q2, that would be great. “

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On the other hand, he prefers to stay out of the World Cup duel between Verstappen and Hamilton – also verbally. “I’m not in the fight, keep your fingers crossed for all the drivers. It will be exciting to see who wins. ”With this, Schumi junior also avoids the statement that he is cheering on Verstappen so that he can prevent an eighth Hamilton title. The British Mercedes star would outdo his father, who has seven world titles.

One thing is certain: Mick Schumacher not only learned how to deal with the requirements of Formula 1 in the cockpit, but also in his press laps …

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