Formula 1 Mick Schumacher: Schumi junior drives like Michael

Mick Schumacher (22) is at the bottom of the field, but he is one of the men of the hour in Formula 1. After overtaking Williams driver Nicholas Latifi in Portugal, the son of record world champion Michael Schumacher cracked the Canadian in qualifying for the big one Price of Spain in Barcelona. Result: 18th place – still the worst car in Formula 1. Because teammate Nikita Mazepin couldn’t get past 20th place.

“My main goal is to learn and make progress,” says Schumi junior confidently in view of such successes. “I’ll push and hopefully make up a few places in the race.”

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The German’s current recipe for success: He apparently has the same driving style as his father Michael. “I like a loose rear end and a strong front,” reveals Mick and concedes. “Maybe Nikita doesn’t like it that way. In any case, I’m happy with how my car feels at the moment. ”

Driving style secret: Schumacher junior drives like Michael

Mick Schumacher also cuts a fine figure in qualifying for the Spanish GP

Haas team boss Günther Steiner had already revealed in free practice that Haas was able to drive the car out of understeer. Good for Schumacher, bad for Mazepin. Because the Russian is anything but impressed with the handling of the VF-21. “I can tell you, the car doesn’t suit my driving style,” says Mazepin in monosyllables.

Steiner explains: “Our car is unstable when turning, so Mick can cope better with that. Nikita needs a more reliable car. It’s up to us to give him a vehicle that inspires him more confidence. “

Curious: Michael Schumacher also dominated his teammates due to his spectacular driving style. And: the seven-time world champion also preferred a rear end that tended to break away. Today’s DTM boss Gerhard Berger, for example, can report on this. The Austrian replaced Schumacher at Benetton in 1996. During the first test in winter, Berger drove the B195, with which Schumacher won his second world title. And was shocked: “The rear of the car was extremely nervous and it was brutally aggressive to drive at the limit. I seriously wondered how Michael could ride it for an entire season. My respect for him increased again, ”reveals the former F1 star.

Control freak Schumacher drove the Benetton more or less proactively, checking the car before losing control. Berger believes: “Michael’s sensors were completely geared towards this, he probably instinctively counter-steered beforehand.” Ex-Benetton chief technology officer Pat Symonds even suspects that Schumacher’s driving style dictated the development of the car. “Michael may have allowed the car to develop this way because he could handle it. That also caused great problems for his team-mate Johnny Herbert. “Just like Nikita Mazepin now …

Driving style secret: Schumacher junior drives like Michael

Mick Schumacher (22) drives at the end of the field, but he is still one of the men of the hour in Formula 1.

It is only logical that Haas should do what Schumacher wants. The young German is already known for spending hours with the engineers. This also means: it sets the direction in which the car is developing. And he himself develops with it. Team boss Steiner: “Mick becomes more self-confident in the car with every training and race.” And in his statements: “I would be unhappy if we weren’t able to continue attacking other teams. I also hope that we will make it into Q2 in one of the next 18 races, ”said the German in his Barcelona press round.

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One thing is certain: the 22-year-old will become a motivator for the whole team – just like his father once did. “As a team, we made great strides over the weekend. The important thing now is to keep making these leaps. Obviously the jumps will get smaller at some point, but we still have to think further ahead. “

The way he drives, he thinks too …

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