Formula 1: Mick Schumacher “shines” about Q2 entry

With such performances you get on the notes of the top teams: Mick Schumacher sensationally makes it into the second qualifying round in qualifying for the Turkish GP in the defeated Haas, starting on Sunday in Istanbul as 14th. The best starting place for the German in the premier class ! From this he started in Sochi two weeks ago, but at that time due to various penalties for the competition. “This time we deserved it all by ourselves,” said Schumacher after qualifying.

“The team did a great job, the car felt great from the start,” said the Haas driver happily. However, the Q2 entry didn’t really surprise him under these conditions: “Before my last attempt, I knew we had a good chance. The lap before that was already good and we were in 15th place for some time, but I knew that There’s time because I wasn’t one hundred percent happy with the lap. “

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Mick then made the jump to the next section as 14th, not only leaving McLaren star Daniel Ricciardo behind, who retired early as 16th, but also friend and compatriot Sebastian Vettel. “When I heard the cheering in the pits on the radio in the background, I already knew that it looked good. A really nice feeling. Now, of course, I’m very, very happy,” said Schumacher.
The weather suits the F1 newcomer on Saturday. “I really enjoyed it because these conditions were fun and also helped us: As a driver, you can then show your skills even more, find the grip and the lap time.” The mood on Saturday on the other side of the Haas garage is completely different: team-mate Nikita Mazepin finishes last, spinning off the piste several times.

Mick Schumacher is beaming.

For Schumacher, however, even the big sensation, a top 10 entry, does not seem impossible in the meantime: On his last attempt in Q2, however, Lance Stroll turns off the track in front of him in turn one. Schumacher has to evade and break off the round because of the yellow flags. “I don’t know if it could have worked. But the pace we were most of the time on level with Yuki (Tsunoda; d. Ed.).” The AlphaTauri pilot moves into the next lap in tenth place. Schumi Jr. believes: “Two to three tenths would have been possible, purely from the driving point of view and without taking into account the improvement in the route.”

Nevertheless, Mick is proud of his performance: “That was definitely our best quality performance this year, we haven’t been that fast and close to the others yet. The trend is pointing in the right direction, so we have to continue now,” he explains Son of record world champion Michael Schumacher and is self-confident: “Of course it’s tough in Formula 1, these are the top 20 in the world. But I’ve never questioned my abilities and I feel myself with every lap that I drive more comfortable. “

Team boss Günther Steiner praised: “Mick shows with hard work that you can still achieve results even if your car is not that good. Today everyone did a great job: Mick driving and the team doing it in one difficult situation made no mistakes. Nobody would have thought that we would still get into Q2 this year. “

The Austrian is happy for his protégé: “Today is just a single day, but Mick has always been good at what he does all year. He shows that he has potential and that we can expect a lot more from him in the future.” Can Schumacher even get his first World Cup points on Sunday in Turkey? “If it stays dry, our pace is not fantastic. If there are no failures or someone helps us, it will be difficult without rain,” said Steiner, putting the brakes on euphoria.

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The good results will inspire the team and Schumacher even without counting, as Steiner emphasizes: “You just have to look at how Mick is beaming now. As a result, he has got new batteries and new energy.” And something else is new at Schumacher: The seat, as the German reveals with a grin after qualifying. “Maybe it brought luck today. We’ll definitely keep it for now!”

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