Formula 1: New Aston Martin is to be a Vettel car

The new Aston Martin will be a Vettel car

Will Sebastian Vettel find his way back to old strength with Aston Martin?

TThe marmot doesn’t say hello every day, but the Skype lines do. The glow between Sebastian Vettel (33) in Switzerland and the technicians from his new Aston Martin team in the factory in Silverstone. Vettel often calls in several times a day because he remembered a detail.
One thing is certain: after the seat adjustments and the first simulator trips, the four-time world champion really tasted blood. Because he already knows that he likes the basic characteristics of the new car.

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The rear, the problem at Ferrari for the past two years, feels stable again. Now it’s about the fine-tuning so that the German can blindly trust his car from the very first test. “If Sebastian has a car that he can merge with, he can be expected again,” believes Sky expert Ralf Schumacher at ABMS.

Trust in a car can make a big difference: “It’s all about the details,” explains Schumacher, “you brake a little earlier here, you accelerate a little later and you’re already three tenths of a second compared to your team-mate who gets along better back. In the race it all adds up again. “

Aston Martin wants to make Vettel strong

The new Aston Martin will be a Vettel car

Vettel and his teammate Lance Stroll

© Aston Martin

Alone: ​​The team ensures that Vettel and the Aston Martin become one: “We try everything to build a car that meets the requirements of the driver,” says team boss Otmar Szafnauer. “Because”, according to the American, “in the end, the driver makes the difference.” As for Vettel: “All of our previous drivers wanted a car with a stable rear. That is why this property is in the DNA of our cars. Of course, that benefits Sebastian. “

Both Szafnauer and team owner Lawrence Stroll have not lost faith in the German. “If everything goes perfectly, I even trust Seb to win this year,” says Szafnauer. “Vettel is a four-time Formula 1 world champion, he has certainly not forgotten how to drive a racing car,” adds Stroll. The team owner from Canada continues: “Sebastian had a car at Ferrari that was difficult to drive and didn’t suit his driving style. It was similar in his senior year at Red Bull Racing in 2014. ”

Mercedes engine a guarantee of success

There is also another factor that speaks for Vettel’s resurrection: the Mercedes engine: “It’s not just the most powerful engine in the field, it’s also the most drivable,” believes Ralf Schumacher. Ex-Formula 1 driver Marc Surer observed last season: “Drivers like Vettel want to feel what a car is doing when braking and accelerating. The response behavior of an engine plays a major role here. I think Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel’s driving styles are similar. And the Mercedes engine is tailor-made for Lewis. ”

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Vettel himself, who works concentrated at home in Switzerland like seldom before, does not want to make any forecasts. “All I know is that I’m motivated to the point of my hair. But an initial performance profile is only available during the test drives. Before that there is a lot of reading coffee grounds. “

By the way, Vettel’s new Aston Martin will be presented on March 3rd.

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