Formula 1 – New car for 2022: Ferrari presents

It is the oldest and most successful team in Formula 1: Ferrari. But in the last two years the Scuderia has only been behind the leaders. A third place in the constructors’ championship jumped out in 2021. But that’s not enough for the venerable Formula 1 lady from Italy.

“It is a responsibility for Ferrari to get back to the front,” said team boss Mattia Binotto at his Christmas press conference. “For Ferrari, victory must always be the goal. It’s in our DNA that we have to fight for pole positions and victories. “

With that the solution is given. The traditional Italian team wants to use the new technology rules to make up for the gap to Mercedes and Red Bull. Completely new cars will come in 2022, which should make overtaking easier. That also means: everyone starts on a blank sheet of paper.
And at least when announcing the presentation, Ferrari puts forward. The new red goddess is to be presented in mid-February before the test drives in Barcelona. Binotto reveals: “We’ll show the car sometime between February 16 and 18.”

The declaration of war by the former Vettel boss: “To repeat the performance from 2021 would be unacceptable. It hurt to see the others partying. We will fight for victories and poles again. ”But the Italian does not want to put too much pressure on right away and therefore warns:“ But the world championship title right away is not an obligation. ”

Binotto wants actions to speak, not just words. “We can’t say if we will be competitive because we don’t have a crystal ball, but our development program has achieved all of the goals we set. To say that we will beat Mercedes and Red Bull would be presumptuous and arrogant, but we will play and fight with them. “

At the moment, nobody knows what the new cars really look like – and whether a team has not found the philosopher’s stone. According to rumors in the paddock, two teams will come up with particularly innovative technology. Is Ferrari one of them?

Binotto: “When I think about our project for 2022, I see a lot of innovations on both the chassis and the engine side. I see a team that has worked very hard when it comes to design: We approached the new regulations with an open mind. ”In the wind tunnel,“ Hundreds of concepts were tried out before we decided on the final solution. It’s a completely innovative project, ”reveals the team boss.
The drive, which was Ferrari’s great weakness in 2020 and still an Achilles heel in 2021, has also been completely overhauled – the last time before the engines are frozen from 2022 to the end of 2025. Binotto: “The Power Unit will differ significantly from the current one, with the exception of the hybrid part, which we introduced in Sochi in 2021.” The new hybrid system was already the first success: Since then, the Ferrari has been able to compete with Mercedes and Follow Honda again.
However, the engine will have to be adapted for 2022 simply because the proportion of biofuel will be increased to ten percent. “That forces us to change the combustion,” says the Italian. Overall, you lose around 20 hp that you try to get back in another way.
In any case, the drivers are excited about their new red racer. Carlos Sainz in particular still has an unresolved bill. “I hope for my first victory,” emphasizes the Spaniard, who finished fifth in the 2021 World Cup and was even ahead of the highly acclaimed Charles Leclerc (seventh place). His wish: “I want the car to be easy to drive, to run like a rocket and for us to be at the top. I have to ascribe the rest to myself. ”

However, the son of rally legend Carlos Sainz Sr. also admits: “I tried out the new car in the simulator. It will be different to drive, for example not as comfortable in the corners. It will be quick, but difficult. “Anyway: That is better than the other way around …

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