Formula 1: new Red Bull: will this car give wings to Verstappen?

Does this Red Bull give Verstappen wings?

Red Bull presents the new Formula 1 car for 2021 – the Red Bull Honda RB16B. He should put Mercedes under pressure.

D.he challenger submits. One week before Mercedes, Red Bull dropped its covers today (February 23) and presented the new Formula 1 car for the 2021 season – the Red Bull Honda RB16B.

Mercedes conqueror despite B version?

“We hope to be among the front runners, but Mercedes is the clear favorite,” said Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko to ABMS. “They have finally won all titles since the hybrid era in 2014.“ Nevertheless, many fans feel that Red Bull Mercedes can defeat or at least challenge them at eye level after seven years of silver-black dominance.

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At first glance, the omens are not too positive. The fact that Red Bull classifies the new car as last year’s B version says a lot. There are hardly any externally visible changes to the chassis due to the largely frozen chassis regulations. The nose and air baffles have only been optimized. The rear wing only stands on a stilt – but that was also the case in Abu Dhabi.


This is the new Red Bull RB16B

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Nevertheless, Red Bull can draw hope. First, Mercedes has to expand the DAS (Dual Axis Steering) system. This enabled the drivers to adjust the track of the wheels by pulling and pushing on the steering wheel, thus bringing the tires up to temperature. But the system will be banned in 2021. It does not correspond to the spirit of the regulations.

Second, the rule changes in the rear of the vehicle (ten percent loss of downforce due to a cut in the underbody in front of the rear axle, no more slots in the underbody, vertical flow straighteners four centimeters shorter and rear brake ventilation four centimeters narrower) could play more into the vehicle concept’s hands than Mercedes. Reason: Red Bull traditionally drives with a high angle of attack of the Formula 1 speedster, because the cuts are less noticeable.

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Honda and Pérez as a success factor?

There is also great hope in the new Honda engine. The Japanese want to say goodbye to Formula 1 in style. For the last season, they put a new 1.6-liter V6 turbo hybrid on keel – which Red Bull will be using on its own from 2022. With the new engine, the horsepower gap to Mercedes should be closed. The new Honda engine also appears to be more compact – the rear section of the RB16B is much slimmer than it was in 2020.

In addition, Max Verstappen will no longer be a lone fighter in the fight against Mercedes. For the first time since Mark Webber in 2013, Red Bull has strengthened itself with a driver outside the Red Bull squad: GP winner Sergio Pérez replaces Alex Albon. “We assume that he only loses two or three tenths to Max – and not five,” believes Marko.

Wind tunnel problem needs to be fixed

The teams are also allowed to develop the aerodynamics in 2021. The area is considered a hobbyhorse of Formula 1 technology guru Adrian Newey. However, Red Bull has suffered from correlation problems between the data in the wind tunnel and those on the track in recent years. As a result, the winter break was often worse and only improved over the course of the season. Mainly because of the winter test drives reduced to three days, Red Bull hopes that these problems will be resolved in 2021.

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