Formula 1: New Verstappen contract until 2026?

After the world title is before the world title. Red Bull has just won the first world championship since 2013 and the future is already being planned. The credo: stability, constancy, reliability. Also with a view to the new engine regulations from 2026. “We want to have a solid team for it,” says Red Bull motorsport advisor Helmut Marko in Servus TV.
Step one: the contract extension with team boss Christian Horner (48). The Briton will now be tied to Red Bull on a long-term basis – until 2026. Marko: “We coordinate well, we set the direction for the team and that of our employees. We usually speak the same language on political issues, and I believe our success has proven us right. ”
The husband of ex-Spice-Girl Geri Halliwell has been team boss at Red Bull since 2005 and has also led Sebastian Vettel to four world championship titles. Horner was a racing driver himself and then tried his luck with his own team in GP2 (Arden). “I knew him from Formula 3000 and other junior classes and knew about his ambitions and skills,” reveals Marko. “Something great has now developed from this.”

Then comes the even more important sentence that Marko speaks at Servus TV in the presence and in the direction of Max Verstappen: “He is a charismatic team boss who, by the way, wants to extend his contract until 2026 before you do.”

The scenario is reminiscent of the beginning of 2011. At that time, shortly after the first world title of a certain Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull extended the contract with chief technician Adrian Newey and other important engineers until 2014 – and shortly afterwards with Vettel himself Pre-season tests 2011 the new contract was announced.

Red Bull wants to retain Max Verstappen in the long term.

It does not seem that we are quite that far with Verstappen. The Dutchman is managed by Raymond Vermeulen on behalf of his father Jos. Verstappen himself was exuberant after winning the title in Abu Dhabi: “Can we continue doing this for the next ten to 15 years?”

Helmut Marko can only smile about that at the moment: “His words have not yet reached his own management team. We are discussing this at the moment. “

Verstappen’s current contract runs until 2023. But at Red Bull you are sure to be able to old the child prodigy even longer. Horner speaks, as he already said at Vettel back then: “It’s not always just about contracts, but about relationships. Max joined the team as a boy and he has grown into a young man. The relationship we share, the trust we place in one another is worth more than any piece of paper. “

The Brit continued: “I’m looking forward to racing with Max for many years to come, and I think the best years are still ahead of us.”

Without his management behind the neck, the newly crowned world champion even returns the declaration of love. “It feels like family,” says Verstappen. “I am very happy where I am. I can be myself and that is really important. It’s not just about Formula 1, we can also have fun and laugh, which is also important. “

It is therefore clear: the question is not whether the contract will be extended, but under what conditions. Verstappen currently earns an estimated 16 million euros. Alone: ​​When it comes to salary poker, Red Bull is also in a good position. Reason: After the behavior of Mercedes after Verstappen’s accident in Silverstone, the tablecloth between the Verstappen clan and team boss Toto Wolff is cut.

But the Austrian beverage manufacturer is already known for honoring successes such as Verstappen’s world championship title. The early extension to 2026 is therefore only a matter of time and money …

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