Formula 1: next premiere success: who will be the 110th F1 winner?

Who will be the 110th F1 winner?

Formula 1 had to wait almost exactly a year for the next new Formula 1 race winner. Who will be the 110th winner in Formula 1?

E.s is an select group. Only 109 of the 765 Formula 1 drivers were able to win a Grand Prix. A little more than a year after Charles Leclerc, the next new driver, Pierre Gasly, has entered the list of winners.

New Forme 1 winners are becoming increasingly rare. In the 1950s there were 24 pilots on the list of winners, in the 1960s there were 18, in the 1970s 22. Then the number went down by leaps and bounds for the first time. The 1982 season experienced the most varied World Cup of all time with eleven different winners. But the decade also saw McLaren’s first dominance. There were therefore only 14 new race winners in this decade, in the 1990s there were only ten, in the 2000s again 14.

The next low point was reached in the past decade, which only ended last year. Only six premiere winners emerged from this decade, which saw two completely dominant teams with Red Bull and Mercedes.

Pierre Gasly is the 109th race winner

Mercedes also dominates the 2020 season. But because Ferrari has slipped into the lower midfield and Red Bull is de facto a one-man team, sensational victories like Pierre Gasly’s in Monza are suddenly possible – at least if Mercedes fails.

The budget ceiling will apply in 2021 and the new technical regulations in 2022. Both elements should bring the field closer together. In addition, pilots like Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel will most likely hang up their helmets within the next ten years and pave the way for young talent. So the chances are good that the 2020s will produce more premiere winners than the 2010s.

The 110th winner in Formula 1 history may also be crowned in 2020. These drivers have the best chance of becoming number 110 in the winning chronicle:

Alex Albon: The Thai is under pressure at Red Bull: he is too far behind Max Verstappen. Red Bull is practically a one-man team: since 44 races (Canadian GP 2018), Verstappen has taken 25 podium places, but his team-mates have not won a single one! Nonetheless, at the Austrian GP, ​​Albon almost won the race – thanks to a strong strategy and luck with the safety car – if Lewis Hamilton hadn’t driven him into his car. So if everything fits, Albon could very well win a Grand Prix.

Carlos Sainz: The Spaniard will join Ferrari in 2021. In view of the fact that Ferrari is currently far behind and not much can be done on the car for 2021, the chances are rather slim that the Spaniard will win a race there next year. But in Monza he only missed victory by less than three tenths of a second in the McLaren-Renault and he says: “Even without chaos, we could have finished second behind Lewis Hamilton.” The chances of victory for Sainz in 2020 are at least better than in 2021 .

Sergio Pérez: Racing Point is a podium candidate with the copy of last year’s Mercedes, but has rarely used the opportunities due to many mistakes and unfortunate races. Sergio Pérez also fell far behind in Monza due to a pit stop that was too long – otherwise the Mexican would also have had a chance of victory. In 2021 he has to vacate his cockpit for Sebastian Vettel. So if there is still anything to come with the win, then that has to happen in 2020.
The last 10 premiere winners
Heikki Kovalainen (McLaren-Mercedes) 2008 Hungarian GP
Sebastian Vettel (Toro Rosso-Ferrari) Italian GP 2008
Mark Webber (Red Bull-Renault) German GP 2009
Nico Rosberg (Mercedes) China GP 2012
Pastor Madonado (Williams-Renault) Spanish GP 2012
Daniel Ricciardo (Red Bull-Renault) 2014 Canadian GP
Max Verstappen (Red Bull-Renault) Spain GP 2016
Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes) Russian GP 2017
Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) Belgian GP 2019
Pierre Gasly (Alpha Tauri-Honda) 2020 Italian GP


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