Formula 1: next Vettel breakdown: This is how Vettel explains his turner

This is how Vettel explains his lathe operator

Sebastian Vettel is only eleventh in the home race. The German has not covered himself with fame with a turner. This is how he explains the mistake.

E.There is hardly a place more ungrateful than the eleventh. It is the first rank for which there are no points. Sebastian Vettel finished eleventh in his home race at the Nürburgring, of all places – for the second time in his career, for the first time after Malaysia in 2012!

How could the next defeat come about?

Factor one: of course the car. Ferrari is experiencing the worst Formula 1 season in over 40 years. Both Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel were backwards. “We fell behind in the race and didn’t have the pace that we wanted and needed,” the 33-year-old stated.

Vettel did not get into the points today

© Ferrari

But: Vettel himself did not drive flawlessly either. On lap twelve he spun while trying to overtake Antonio Giovinazzi. “The main problem,” Vettel tries to explain, “was that it was very difficult to overtake people, even though I was faster. So I took a lot of risk – too much obviously. ”

Vettel continues: “I was a bit surprised. When I changed direction behind Antonio I lost the car. I was lucky to be able to continue, but the tires were through. “
It is not the first Vettel mistake in 2020. At the Austrian GP, ​​he spun while trying to catch Carlos Sainz. At the Hungarian GP he dropped from fifth to sixth due to a driving error. At the UK GP he spun at the start. At the Russian GP he dismantled his Ferrari SF1000 in qualifying. And now the lathe in front of a home audience …

Vettel admits: “At the moment there is something in there, that’s true. But there will also be other times. “

You can literally feel how much Vettel longs for his change of scenery. In 2021 he wants to fully attack Aston Martin again.
Not pretty but interesting: In the picture gallery we show you all of Sebastian Vettel’s driving errors.


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