Formula 1 – Norris: “Hamilton should only have three wheels”

The masks have fallen: Now there is an open exchange of blows in Formula 1! After the disqualification of Lewis Hamilton and his race to catch up from 20th to 5th in the sprint on Saturday, Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff made an all-round blow.
In the sights: World Cup rival Red Bull. Reason: The Verstappen team had started the investigation of the Hamilton rear wing with a request to the FIA. A gift that it was about the questionable flexibility of a wing element – and not about the too large gap between the two DRS spoilers; Wolff seeks revenge.

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“In the next races we will pay attention to every single adhesive tape that falls off the car and ask questions,” the Viennese sends a declaration of war to Red Bull. Specifically, the Mercedes team boss means the adhesive tapes that the energy drink team used to tear makeshift repairs in the rear wing during qualifying in Mexico.

Toto Wolff

Wolff angrily: “There was once such a thing as a gentlemen’s agreement. Obviously there are no longer any gentlemen, which is why there is no longer any such thing. ”

But the Austrian compares Red Bull’s apples with Mercedes’ pears: While the cops had repaired their wings up to the fast laps in qualifying and the technical inspection in Mexico, the damage to Hamilton’s rear spoiler apparently only appeared in qualifying and was then discovered by chance . Regardless of whether the Englishman had an advantage or not: The car did not meet the technical regulations.
The world champion was therefore excluded from the ranking, as was Sebastian Vettel with too little fuel in his Aston Martin’s tank in Hungary. Here, too, a defective pump caused the rule to be broken, which did not bring any advantage on the track. Vettel was disqualified anyway – because his car did not meet the regulations when crossing the finish line. There is no room for interpretation. Not for a four-time or a seven-time champion.

At Red Bull, you see the Mercedes threat calmly. “Mr. Wolff talks a lot when the day is long”, Helmut Marko reacts to an ABMS inquiry. “Our cars were always legal at the technical inspection. In any case, we are not worried. “

Dr. Helmut Marko

The doctor of law also emphasizes: “Our request on Friday did not refer to the DRS mechanism, but to another area of ​​the Mercedes rear wing. That one followed the other was pure coincidence. “

One thing is certain: If Red Bull has to worry, it is mainly because of the speed that Hamilton showed in the sprint with the new Mercedes engine. In the final overtaking maneuver against Lando Norris, it was 27 km / h faster on the straight than the McLaren, which is also powered by a Mercedes.

Marko: “It’s breathtaking how Hamilton snatches the Norris on the straight. I thought he had one gear less. ”Norris does not feel at ease with the reigning champion’s pace:“ Compared to us, he’s in a different league. He should actually only ride on three wheels so that it is a little more difficult. ”

Red Bull’s motto for Sunday: “We have to pass Bottas, otherwise he will set the pace so that Lewis can catch up,” warns Marko. “The Austrian does not expect a race that will be decisive for the World Cup. “I am convinced that Hamilton will make it back to fourth place, maybe even further.”

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The World Cup duel goes into the next round at 6 p.m. today.

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