Formula 1: Norris has Corona McLaren-Star infected with virus

McLaren star infected with virus

McLaren driver Lando Norris has contracted the corona virus and has gone into self-isolation.

D.he Formula 1 has its next corona case. After Lance Stroll, Sergio Perez and Lewis Hamilton tested positive for the virus last year and some were also ill, Lando Norris (21) has now caught it.

The McLaren star has already confirmed this on Twitter, wrote on the social network: “Hello everyone, I hope you are fine. I lost my sense of taste and smell yesterday, so I was immediately quarantined and tested. The test was positive, which I told everyone I had contact with. “

Norris is now drawing conclusions: “I will go into a fortnightly self-isolation. I’m fine as far as I have no other symptoms, but just wanted to let you guys know. Take care of yourselves.”

McLaren has also confirmed the driver’s illness and revealed: Norris was infected while on vacation in Dubai. Luck for Norris: The Formula 1 season start has to be postponed anyway due to Corona. Instead of Australia, the starting shot is to be given with the Bahrain GP (March 28). The test drives in Barcelona are also to be relocated to the desert of Bahrain from the beginning of March to mid-March.

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