Formula 1: Red Bull angry about “disgusting Mercedes protest”

Does Red Bull do Nico Rosberg? The German was the last person to beat Lewis Hamilton in the fight for the World Cup crown in Abu Dhabi in 2016, only to run away with the title in his hands a few days later and say goodbye to the sport. A scenario that Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko is now threatening for his team!
“We will rethink our involvement in Formula 1 if that does not have a corresponding impact on the future championships,” said the Austrian after the renewed chaos of rules at the finale and the subsequent protest by Mercedes against the race result.
Marko criticizes both the FIA ​​and the loser Mercedes: “It is unworthy of a World Cup final that the decision is delayed like that. But that speaks for the attitude of what I would say, a very bad loser, to lodge such objections and protests. “

Dr. Helmut Marko

The qualified lawyer sees this as a bad stepping stone for the big World Cup opponent: “It’s disgusting what you did after the race. To lodge a protest where it was clear that it would not work. “

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff canceled all of his team’s media rounds immediately after the controversial finale and even muzzled superstar Lewis Hamilton, which is why the Briton skipped the press conference. Instead, the Silver Arrows held discussions behind closed doors about how to proceed and how to develop their protest.

Even for a handshake with Red Bull team boss Christian Horner, who had looked for Wolff in the Mercedes hospitality, Wolff could not be found.

The F1 war rages on even after the last battle: The fact that Mercedes’ protest was rejected by the FIA ​​stewards in Abu Dhabi a few hours after crossing the finish line does not seem to end the cause. The Stuttgart have kept a possible appeal against the judgment open and are now even considering going to the sports court. Marko leaves it cold: “We don’t care. We are the moral winner, no matter how it comes now. “

So that Red Bull does not pull the plug after the great triumph in its Formula 1 program, Marko calls for a revision of the regulations and, above all, the decision-making processes in the premier class: “The whole system needs to be rethought. Constancy is part of it, decisions cannot be interpreted once or as such. The rules have to be simplified and the premise has to be: Let’s race! “

Christian Horner and Adrian Newey on their way to see the stewarts after the race in Abu Dhabi.

After the dramatic final act on Sunday, Red Bull team boss Christian Horner also took the same line: “We screamed on the radio (to race director Michael Masi; the editor): Let them go! That’s what we’ve been talking about all year. ”The Australian race director had some understanding and released the race again for the last lap. Enough for Verstappen to snatch Hamilton and the title on fresh, soft tires.

Curious: Even before the final, Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff had said: “We don’t want a decision at the green table.” Mercedes still brought a star lawyer from Manchester to Abu Dhabi, who also sent him to the hearing together with sports director Ron Meadows and chief engineer Andrew Shovlin at the commissioners.

Behavior that Red Bull team boss Horner disapproves of: “We never wanted to end up in front of the stewards. We don’t go into the race with lawyers. It was a shame it got this far, ”says the Briton.

According to Red Bull, the fact that on the evening of the World Cup finals, and in the event of an appeal and hearing before the World Council, only one world champion is certain with reservations, does not cast a good light on the image of Formula 1 as a whole. “If there is anything else come, ignore the will of the fans ”, Horner had said shortly after the end of the race in relation to the threatened political issue.

For Marko there is therefore only one solution in the future: “The rules must be such that quick decisions are possible and those responsible have to implement them in seconds.”

For the Austrian, the stewards and race director Masi are “definitely to be questioned after the turbulent 2021 season. After so many mistakes have been made, there is certainly a great need for action, “notes Marko and demands:” Now a new president is coming (of the FIA; d. Red), so he should start here first. “

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