Formula 1 – Seidl: McLaren wants to win regularly

It was a week ago, the first McLaren win since 2012. A week to process what I had experienced. “It’s been a while since we celebrated a win. That’s why it was important to me too, ”McLaren team principal Andreas Seidl told and Sport1. “We live from these emotions. It was great to see what energies were being released. “

Only one disappeared too early: winner Daniel Ricciardo. Seidl: “The weekend in Monza was intense, and the evening along the route was also quite long. Daniel went straight to bed so I took over the party with the guys at the bar. We then made up for the celebration (with Daniel; the editor) in Woking. “

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For the honey badger, as Ricciardo calls himself, the German team boss is happy: “For him, the victory was damn important after the difficult acclimatization,” said Seidl. “He has shown in the past that he is one of the best. That’s why we wanted him. I hope that he will return to his old strength. We need two strong drivers to make the leap to the top successfully. “

McLaren team boss Andreas Seidl celebrates together with Daniel Ricciardo.

Because despite the victory, the down-to-earth Bavarian remains realistic: “Red Bull and Mercedes can always race for victory, we can’t yet. Even if there will still be chances this season, we have a realistic picture. We know that the others are still ahead of us. The fight for third place against Ferrari will be tough. “

Despite this, Seidl knows what it takes to lead McLaren back on the road to victory in the long term. “I have a clear idea: everything has to be set up clearly. Everyone needs to know that it’s about the team. Everyone should feel valued and enjoy their work. I try to set an example. “

Nevertheless, the euphoria has to be slowed down if it is already too big. Seidl: “Compared to Red Bull and Mercedes, we still have a long way to go. I am convinced that in the future we will be able to race for victory at every race weekend. We are very ambitious. Nevertheless, it is important to remain realistic. ”

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Reason: “We have some deficits, especially in the infrastructure and the wind tunnel, which we lack. The first car will not be developed there until 2024. But we will try to shorten this journey due to the new regulations. Victories like last give new energy. “

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