Formula 1: Statistics Tuscany GP: Schumi took 90th victory faster

Schumi took 90th victory faster

Hamilton is now only missing one win on Michael Schumacher’s record. But it took the Briton a little longer than the German superstar.

+++ Michael Schumacher is still the record world champion in Formula 1. But Lewis Hamilton is about to replace the German at the top of all tables. At the Tuscany GP he celebrated his 90th victory in Formula 1. This means that he could match Schumi’s 91 triumphs at the upcoming Russian GP on September 27th.

+++ Schumi won his 90th victory in the 246th Grand Prix. Hamilton already drove in race number 259 in Mugello. That also means: The 91st victory he won in the 260th race at the earliest, Schumacher only needed 247 for it.

+++ Nevertheless, Hamilton has a better win rate than Schumacher. The Briton has now won 34.75 percent of his F1 races, and has now outstripped Jim Clark. Lee Wallard, who won one of his two World Championship races (1951 Indy 500 in the Kurtis Kraft-Offenhauser), is still at the top. In order to oust the American from this position, Hamilton would now have to win the next 80 races in a row. That is more than unlikely. Juan-Manuel Fangio has won 24 of his 51 World Championship races and has a rate of 47.06 percent. For that, too, Hamilton would now have to win 61 races in a row …
+++ For the 222nd time, Hamilton also scored points in a Formula 1 race. He overtook Michael Schumacher (221). In third place is Kimi Räikkönen, who scored points in a World Championship run for the 214th time thanks to ninth place in Mugello.

Albon was on the podium for the first time

+++ Alex Albon finally got his first podium place – as the 213rd driver in the history of Formula 1. He is the first Thai on the podium, which makes Thailand the 29th nation to have a driver on the podium. The last new nation was Denmark when Kevin Magnussen finished second in the 2014 Australian GP in a McLaren-Mercedes.

+++ Speaking of the podium: For the first time since the 2001 USA GP, all three drivers who were on the podium in the previous race were out. Curious: Pierre Gasly, Carlos Sainz and Lance Stroll also retired in the same order in which they crossed the finish line in Monza. All information about the strange mass crash in Mugello can be found HERE.

+++ Mugello is the 75th track in Formula 1 history. This honor – without the corona pandemic – would actually have been granted to Hanoi (Vietnam) in April.

+++ For the third time in F1 history there were three standing starts in one race! At the Austrian GP 1987, three starts were made because the first two had mass crashes in the first few meters. At the Belgian GP 1990 there were three standing starts because a major accident also occurred at the first start and later Paolo Barilla from the Barilla noodle dynasty distributed wreckage of his Minardi-Ford on the track in an accident.
+++ Ferrari only scored five points at the 1000th GP in team history. The next team to hit the 1,000 World Championship mark is likely to be McLaren (currently 872). With the current number of races on the calendar, that should be the case in six years.


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