Formula 1: Stroll rollover 40th rollover since 1990

40th rollover since 1990

Lance Stroll caused the 40th rollover in Formula 1 since 1990. But he too remains unharmed. The best rollover pictures.

M.or more than an hour and a half after Romain Grosjean’s horror accident, the track was repaired and the race could go on. The next accident happened at the Bahrain GP: Sebastian Vettel’s future teammate Lance Stroll overturned after a collision with Daniil Kvyat. The Russian gets the blame and a 10-second penalty.

It was the 40th rollover in Formula 1 since 1990, and a driver has never been seriously injured.

And German drivers are also repeatedly affected. Even Michael Schumacher rolled over himself – in 2001 in training for the Australian GP. Nick Heidfeld’s flight performance at the 2006 USA GP was also spectacular. Pascal Wehrlein was turned around in Monaco 2017 by Jenson Button.
Probably the craziest crossing of the finish line took place in Monza in 1993, when Christian Fittipaldi hit his Minardi team-mate Pierluigi Martini shortly before the finish, spun around his own axis in the air, landed back on his wheels and slid across the finish line in eighth place.
The drivers often overturn at the start – as in the case of Ukyo Katayama 1995 in Portugal, Alexander Wurz 1998 in Canada, Pedro Diniz 1999 at the Nürburgring, Pedro de La Rosa 2000 in Monza, Luciano Burti 2001 in Hockenheim, Giancarlo Fisichella 2004 in Monaco, Christian Klien 2005 in Hungary or Christijan Albers 2006 in Imola.

In the picture gallery we show you the most spectacular pictures of Formula 1 rollovers since 1990.


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