Formula 1: Tequila reward for Hamilton fright Perez

The 2021 World Cup duel is Lewis Hamilton against Max Verstappen. The hymns of praise from their team bosses received the number 2 pilots of the top teams in Turkey on Sunday. “Thank God Valtteri (Bottas; d. Red.) Won the race. Only his performance prevented Max from getting eight points more here,” said Mercedes boss Toto Wolff, praising his flying Finn.
Red Bull team boss Christian Horner pays tribute to Sergio Perez, who not only finished third behind Bottas and Verstappen, but also gave Hamilton a tough fight on lap 34 and decisively stopped the British on the way forward. “A great job from Checo today. He drove as hard against Lewis as usually only Max does,” said Horner happily.

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After the race, Perez himself joked in the direction of Verstappen, who was standing next to him: “You owe me some tequila for that!” Verstappen laughs: “You should get it, at the latest when we get to Mexico.” The Dutchman knows: “On a weekend when we weren’t up to speed in terms of pace, coming here in second and third is a very good result.”

No getting around: Perez keeps Hamilton in check

Verstappen also warns: “We have to find more pace, because six points (lead in the World Cup; d. Ed.) Are nothing. I can’t complain about the season so far, we had great results and are in the World Cup fight. But it’s going to be tough. Mercedes has picked up speed. ” The difference in speed on the straights is a particular headache for Red Bull. “Lewis was sometimes 15 to 20 km / h faster, that’s a lot. We have to find some speed, especially since Austin is Hamilton-Land,” admits team boss Horner with a view to the next race in Texas.

Mercedes sports director Wolff does not see his team as a favorite for the season’s final spurt despite the strong form in Turkey. “I don’t think you can say that with absolute conviction. Yes, our car was very competitive this weekend and without the grid penalty we’ll probably take a one-two here. That’s why we’re optimistic about the future. that the drivers’ world championship will go to the final in Abu Dhabi, “says the Austrian.

Wolff declares a late Mercedes stop

Especially since the Black Arrows, according to Wolff’s calculation, left a few points in Istanbul on Sunday. Hamilton did not stop for new intermediates until seven laps before the end: “We thought we might be able to finish third if we crossed the finish line without stopping. If it had been drier, we could have switched to the soft tires in the end.” explains Wolff Mercedes’ options.

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“That’s why we weighed up the conservative tactic of stopping and trying to overtake Leclerc and Perez on the track for third place – or taking risks and staying out.” The problem: “With twelve laps to go, Lewis’ times were still pretty good and like Perez’s behind them. But as soon as he had his tires in the window, Lewis’s pace collapsed in comparison and we lost one and a half seconds per lap to him From then on it was clear that we wouldn’t make it to the end like this. That’s why we brought him in to avoid falling behind Gasly. “

For Hamilton’s displeasure, who criticized his team on the radio for the late stop and first grabbed chief strategist James Vowles in the paddock, Wolff understands: “It is clear that he only has limited information in the car. Communication has to flow in both directions Because the pilot is the most important sensor on the track as far as the grip level is concerned, but of course doesn’t see his times in relation to all other pilots. So it’s understandable that such a situation can be frustrating for him. Overall, I think that it was worth trying today. “

Need to talk: Hamilton grabs strategist Vowles

Hamilton himself explains: “I didn’t know that I would lose two places because of the stop, but I should have thought so. In the end, I didn’t have enough time to get through the phase in which the tires were blistering . That was a bit frustrating because third place would have been a great result from eleventh on the grid. ” For the world champion, one thing is certain: “In retrospect, I should have either continued driving or had to come in much earlier.”

A first call from his crew for a pit stop on lap 41 is blocked by Hamilton idiosyncratic. This makes the competition smile. “It looked like Lewis was going to outvote the team again,” said Red Bull team boss Horner, grinning. “It was clear to us that he had to go in because his tires looked pretty dangerous. The fact that he then came to the stop so late was decisive because we brought Checo in at the perfect time beforehand.”

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