Formula 1 test Bahrain: stuttering starts for the Germans

The two Germans were smiling under their protective masks, but a perfect start to the Formula 1 season looks different. Rather, both Sebastian Vettel (33) with his Aston Martin-Mercedes and Mick Schumacher (21) with his Haas have to speak of a stutter start. Vettel finished fifth at halftime on the first day of testing in Bahrain with 51 laps, at the end of the day it was only 13th. His deficit on “half-time champion” Daniel Ricciardo (McLaren-Mercedes) was 1.539 seconds. Schumacher finished tenth with only 15 laps driven (3.924 seconds behind), in the end he was penultimate.

Both of them stepped in front of the cameras in a good mood. “Today we really got down to driving for the first time. I was able to learn a lot, but there are some things that I still have to get used to, ”admits Vettel. “The driving behavior of the car is significantly different, including the steering. Still, the morning was relatively productive. We were able to unwind our program, it was fun. “

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Vettel’s Aston Martin AMR21 rolled out once at the end of the pit lane. “But that wasn’t a big thing,” said the German, “it was a little hangover that appears in all cars. There is a lot of software involved in these cars. It just took us a while to get back to driving. ”

Stuttering starts for the Germans

Sebastian Vettel with his new helmet for the Formula 1 season 2021

Vettel proudly presented his new helmet in the pink colors of his sponsor BWT. The partnership with the Austrian specialist for water treatment means a lot to the Heppenheimer, who is not only green because of the new team clothes. Vettel: “It’s not about changing the world. But it’s about making the world a little better. For example, bringing clean water to where it doesn’t already exist. I want to set an example that each of us can make a small contribution to making this world a little better. “

Alone: ​​Vettel buddy Timo Glock observes at Sky why rosy times have broken out for the Hessian compatriot. “Sebastian is already laughing a lot more than last season,” says the former Formula 1 driver – an allusion to the difficult 2020 season that the four-time world champion had experienced at Ferrari.

Stuttering starts for the Germans

Mick Schumacher was in a good mood despite his few debut laps.

Mick Schumacher was also in a good mood despite his few debut laps. It was noticeable that after the controversy over the basic Russian colors of his team, he appeared in front of the cameras with a white team shirt, while the other team members continued to wear blue, white and red clothing. “It was fun,” said Schumacher, summing up his first official laps as a Formula 1 driver at ‘Sky’, “even if I didn’t get to drive as I wanted. But first there was a problem with the car that had to be fixed first. And then a red flag. “

Basically, however, it was “mega” to “work with the team. The car feels comfortable so it was very good. It was also very positive to be able to test on the track that was used in the first race. In this respect, we will arrive next week with a lot of data, with a lot of preparation, and then we can continue to build on that and improve. “

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On Saturday and Sunday, Vettel and Schumacher will each test again for half a day until the first race takes place the weekend after next. The remaining one and a half days of practice drives are taken over by the respective team mate. From the Canadian Lance Stroll (Vettel) and from the Russian Nikita Mazepin.

And otherwise? Red Bull driver Max Verstappen was not only the fastest, but also the most hardworking with 139 laps. World champion Mercedes was completely different: A gearbox change and two other problems ensured that the Black Arrows only turned 48 laps – less than a race distance (57). Of course, that’s only day one of the tests and doesn’t mean anything yet. Alone: ​​With only three days of winter test drives, every hour that is lost is a nuisance.

Formula 1 on TV

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