Formula 1: That’s why Schumi and Vettel adore Ferrari

That is why Schumi and Vettel adore Ferrari

Ferrari celebrates the 1000th GP. That’s what made old Enzo so special

D.he old man’s aura is omnipresent. Even today, even technocratic Ferrari engineers break into awe when they hear his name. As if the patriarch stood next to them as a ghost and watched them. In Maranello, Enzo Ferrari (died 1988) sits like a saint in a museum behind a glass wall. In the middle of the ultra-modern factory halls, the wax figure looks like a bridge, which connects the Ferrari world of today with myth and legend.
In Mugello, at Ferrari’s 1000th Formula 1 race on Sunday, the spirit of old Enzo will hover over everything even more than usual. In his honor, the Ferrari compete with an old color mixture, in his honor even competitor Mercedes colored his silver safety car Ferrari red.
Alone: ​​Enzo Ferrari was not a saint. The mixture of passion and hardness made the tall, powerful man with the dark glasses a legend. The triumphs, but also the tragedies. Alberto Ascari’s fatal accident with a sports car in Monza is one of them. Count Berghe von Trip’s last trip to Monza, when the Horremer dragged 15 spectators to their deaths. Or the loss of Gilles Villeneuve. Ferrari loved the Canadian like his late son Dino. He had photos of both on his desk.

“The old man,” Niki Lauda once said, “had incredible charisma. He had a unique way of talking. Like a chant that sounded like a sermon. It was just very difficult to interrupt him. ”Lauda continues:“ But he could also be tough. When I made my comeback after my accident at the Nürburgring in Monza, Enzo already had a substitute ready in Carlos Reutemann. “

Gerhard Berger confirms Lauda’s impressions: “With the first contract, he ripped me off. I had no chance against the old man. You have to imagine my situation: I was a Tyrolean boy who didn’t speak a foreign language and had exchanged truck clutches three years earlier in theschmub’n. I only knew Ferrari from posters. When I was on the podium in Monza shortly after his death in 1988, I got goose bumps. I thought of the old man. I couldn’t do anything about it. “

Michael Schumacher could not escape the myth either. “For me it was actually just a racing team like any other until I drove to Maranello for the first time at night. When the dark walls that shield the factory premises suddenly appeared, a cold shiver ran down my spine. My God, I thought, you are driving a Ferrari now. “
Sebastian Vettel fared no different. The man from Heppenheim, who with the myth of Ferrari, like his role model Schumacher, wanted to make the step from normal champion to legend, says despite his departure from the legendary racing team at the end of this year: “It’s different for Ferrari to drive. Enzo is still alive through the people who build his cars. Enzo was an extremely strong personality, with great passion. Who not only fulfilled a dream, but that of an entire generation. It was a privilege to drive for his company. “

One thing is certain: the successes are over, but the Ferrari myth lives on forever.


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