Formula 1: That’s why Vettel decided on Aston Martin

That is why Vettel chose Aston Martin

Sebastian Vettel changes from Ferrari to Aston Martin (still Racing Point). The 33-year-old signed a contract beyond 2021. His motivations. name is Vettel. Sebastian Vettel. So now he gets it, the license to lawn on Her Majesty’s behalf. The four-time world champion changes from Ferrari to Aston Martin (still Racing Point) and signed a contract beyond 2021.
It is primarily a decision FOR Formula 1 that Sebastian Vettel (33) made. For the racing series that he once put his stamp on with four world championship titles. And for which he almost lost his affection in the chaotic days with the red diva Ferrari. Red is now being exchanged for pink or even Aston green – and everything should get better again for the German James Bond of motorsport.

Vettel’s commitment to the premier class sounds emotional and rational at the same time: “I still have so much love for Formula 1 and my only motivation is to drive at the front of the field. Doing this with Aston Martin will be a great privilege. “

Sometimes small moments are enough to bring back a feeling that has been lost in the chaos of Ferrari trouble. The decision to stay solidified at Vettel last Saturday, of all things, after his end in the first qualifying section for the Italian Grand Prix. He fled onto his bike and started cycling. Observers said he wanted to vent in the royal park. Instead, Vettel drove to the Parabolica and watched. How the 1000 PS bullets race through one of the fastest and most traditional corners in Formula 1.

From 2021 Vettel’s teammate: Lance Stroll

There he was again, the Hessian Seb, who had fallen in love with motorsport when he and his father Norbert were waiting for Michael Schumacher’s Benetton on the long straight through the woods of the Hockenheimring in the early 1990s. And who can still be amazed at the fascination that his sport can exert.

“The cars are louder than I thought,” said Vettel later. At such a moment he must have known: I don’t want to do without that. Not yet.

So he went for Aston Martin. The millions of Sergio Perez ‘sponsors from Mexico couldn’t change that either. Racing Point owner and major Aston Martin investor Lawrence Stroll is a marketing genius. He knows the meaning of the name Vettel for Aston Martin. That’s why he’s rolling out the red carpet for the German ex-champion.

In the press release announcing Vettel’s arrival at the British, the team lists the German’s successes. A list of arguments for a hag. And a list that shows: The Heppenheimer is Aston Martin’s new 007, the top agent who is supposed to bring the sports car manufacturer to the top of the premier class on a secret mission. Vettel is again at the center of a team. Where he belongs, where he sees himself, and where he has not been at Ferrari for two years.

“Sebastian brings a fresh mindset to the team,” says the press release. “He knows how to win at the highest level. His commitment is a clear statement of our ambition to establish ourselves as one of the most competitive teams in this sport. “

Vettel is the savior again. Even the fact that his new teammate Lance Stroll is the owner’s son doesn’t have to cause him any sleepless nights. Lawrence Stroll is a father, but also a businessman – with the will to achieve great success. And he also knows what another team boss has observed: “The car is already better than its two drivers this year.” DTM boss Gerhard Berger even believes in AUTO BILD: “With Vettel at the wheel, Racing Point 2020 would have won a race . “

The fact is: in 2020 the pink copy of the Mercedes used car from 2019 is at least faster than Vettel’s red goddess. Copying the world championship car from Brackley cost 400,000 euros and 15 points – but Racing Point does not have to dismantle. The opponents have withdrawn all protests against the RP20. For the benefit of Formula 1. And in the end also for the benefit of Vettel. Because that means: His mobile pedestal will still be good in 2021 because further development was severely restricted after the corona pandemic.

With the guarantee of success called the Mercedes drive in the rear, Lawrence Stroll’s investment in a new factory in Silverstone and the budget limit of $ 145 million that will apply from 2021, Aston Martin should continue to fight for podium places in the future.
The biggest improvement from 2020 to 2021 will be between the steering wheel and the engine anyway: Sebastian Vettel. Formula 1 Agent on Her Majesty’s behalf.

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